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Matriculation Meeting Minutes

1 April 2011


Donald Moore,  Adrienne Riley, Blanca De Oca, Hermia Yam, Minh V. Dao, Sheryl Queen, Joseph Bielanski, Meryl Segal, Kathy Pappert Trulie Thompson, Jo Ann Phillips, Gail Pendleton, Tony Hale, Hector Corrales, and Gopal XXX


Jacob Ng, Eric Gravenberg, Kerry Compton May Chen, Charlotte Smith, Lesley Scurry, Brenda Johnson, and Patricia Denoncourt

1)      PeopleSoft Resolution Team Updates

  • Degree Audit/Academic Advising Module – Progressing on the module continues.  Concern was raised about the impact on Enterprise system with this module in play.
  • Wait List – Most issues raised have been resolved. Next time more information will be provided to faculty, and more training.
  • GPA Transcript Summary – In testing, will move to production so that A&R evaluators can use.  Not with GPA still.  Counselors will look at it this week. 
  • SARS/PASSPORT- Everyone agreed what were the major activity codes. Colleges said they had others for their purposes.  Discussed needed to have college level committee and district level SARS to ensure all is working
  • Encouraged everyone to participate in Peralta PeopleSoft Functionality Survey

2)      Progress Probation:  General agreement that before roll out in spring 2012, strategies and coordination with counselors needs to happen.  All agree on a soft approach initially.  Concerns were that implementing progress probation could impact counseling, need to see what numbers are actually being looked at. 

3)      Fee for retaking assessment:  no requirement regarding fees, already limits ability to retake tests.  It was agreed to check any list serves to see what other colleges do. All Assessment Centers agree that discussions need to continue to ensure standardizations of procedures and rules. 

4)      Early Alert:  April 29 from 1-3 was agreed on to discuss implementing the early alert system.   The chair was tasked with setting up meeting. 


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