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PeopleSoft Resolution Team Meeting Minutes

16 May 2011

 Chair: Debbie Budd

Present: Alexis Alexander, Ram Anumula, Dominique Benavides, MaryBeth Benvenutti, Joseph Bielanski, Debbie Budd, Goopal Chandrasevkaran, Judy Cohen, Kerry Compton, Raghuvir Goradia, Eric Gravenberg, Tony Hale, Minh Lam, Mike Orkin, Jo Ann Phillips, Sheryl Queen, Charlotte Smith, Beth Tripp, Karolyn van Putten, Connie Willis


Agenda Item and Presenter(s)


Follow-up Action


Meeting Called to Order

3:05 pm – Debbie Budd

Tony Hale has volunteered to chair the PRT meetings starting with the next meeting.




I. Update on PeopleSoft System









a) Academic Advising Module (Tripp/Phillips/Counselors)

The 5th gap assessment has been completed. Right now they are in the process of building 7 main tables of data. May 26 will be the last meeting with the team to go over everything that has been done. The meeting will take place in the Board Room.


Steve Pantell and Adrienne Riley were busy during the break cleaning up a lot of the data to be transferred. This goes to show how much people want this to be set up.


Sheryl Queen will agendize the issue of substitution of classes for the next CIPD meeting in September.



b) PAT – PeopleSoft Analyst Team (Hale)

The PAT is a team made up of people who handle a lot of the functional and analysis tasks in PeopleSoft. The mission is to serve as a cross departmental group to share and foster collaboration. There is a group list (CMTE-PAT) for communication purposes.


The members of PAT are Charlotte Smith, Joyce Brown-Willis, Dominique Benavides, Sheryl Queen, Jo Ann Phillips, John Banisadr, David Betts, Marie Hampton, MaryBeth Benvenutti, and Susan Rinne.


This is not a decision-making group. It is more a place for ideas to form and/or be tested. At the moment the group needs to be small enough to organize the structure, but later on people from the colleges will be invited to be part of this group.



c) Steering Committees

Overall objective is to make sure the work of IT stays align with PRT issues. A lot of the issues are the set up of business practices. Vice Chancellors will set up priorities regarding their programs.


c.1) PeopleSoft Project (Hale)

Cover above in Section B


c.2) Strategic Plan (Lam)

Minh Lam presented the Strategic Plan to the District Technology Committee and Mike Orkin sent out a request to get feedback from the colleges. It was requested that feedback comes through the colleges’ Technology Committees. Deadline for feedback is May 18, 2011.



d) PeopleSoft Database

The Board of Trustees approved the infrastructure, which includes emergency recovery data. This will be a more robust system. IT has been working with the college network coordinators. The goal is for the district to be ready by end of July 2011. The goal for the colleges is the end of July 2011 or beginning of August 2011.


As the result of the power outage that the district suffered last year, the college network coordinators (excluding Alameda) collaborated to put together a report done by CISCO. There was no faculty consultation. In the future IT will make sure to include feedback from faculty.


There is no documentation for this particular project, but the IT Strategic Plan covers some the implementation.


The Strategic Plan also needs to include information about the roles and the integration of campus coordinators and district coordinators.


Part of the issue IT is dealing with, is the fact that there are no guidelines as to the setup of Measure A. The need of communication it’s important, as some of the decisions we are taking right now are being affected by earlier decisions.













Sheryl Queen will agendize the issue of substitution of classes for the next CIPD meeting in September.




II. Update from Director of Enterprise Services

Tony Hale





a) Project Status Review (Issues Log/Steering Committee Priorities)

Tony Hale went over the Applications Team Projects log.

Right now there are more projects than analyst and that is one of the issues IT is dealing with.


Some of the issues require validation before IT can test and sometimes people don’t have time for testing. This creates a backlog.


Tony would like to see that peers have enough time to work with IT to test before issues can be closed. It is important to keep in mind that IT requires feedback from people outside IT in order to solve issues.


Tony went over some of the projects that are being worked on that are timely (e.g. SAFE, Pro Rata, Degree Audit, Drop Student Project).


Tony had questions regarding some of the issues:

1. Contact person(s) for BTR and Requisitions?

MaryBeth and the college Business Managers.


2. Payroll Info and uploading to PROMP – this issue has been resolved.


3. Contact person(s) for warehouse online orders:

Business officer (Connie Willis) and John Banisadr.


4. Contact person(s) for PARs and LARs

Human Resources


There were two issues at the tops of the list: SARS (this is done and is now in testing) and the Progress Probation implantation that are not included in the Applications Team Project List. People have been testing this, but testing is a very long process and not everyone has the time to do all the testing at once. The initial testing was incorrect. It was done in a different operating system.


The Applications Team Project list was generated out of FootPrints. FootPrints is associated with the Help Desk, but it is also being used to track projects. Anyone can submit a project through FootPrints. Once the project is submitted, it needs to be approved by the PRT. This is not a private report.


It was suggested to add the roll book issue to the list of projects.


In private conversations, Karolyn van Putten and Tony Hale had discusses the plug-in in Moodle. This will require training all faculty in Moodle. Not all faculty uses Moodle right now.


Jo Ann Phillips will check with Joyce Brown-Willis and look for the notes as to why the roll book was not instated in PeopleSoft.



b) PRT Website

Tony will be taking care of the PRT website. Moving from pages to postings, which can be dynamically generated. Taking the meetings agendas and pasting them into posting, instead of links to documents. This will help with the search features. Thinking in terms of databases. This will help when projects overlap.


If this setup works for the PRT website, it will be used as a model for the other service center websites. With postings you can have contributors, editors, and managers.















































Jo Ann Phillips will check with Joyce Brown-Willis and look for the notes as to why the roll book was not instated in PeopleSoft.




III. Review of PeopleSoft Survey

Mike Orkin

The survey has been out for a week. Another reminder was sent out. As of today there have been 177 responses.


It will be open until May 27 at the request of Karolyn van Putten.




IV. Report out from Committees


a) Financial Aid – Judy Cohen

Moving along with SAFE project. Coordinators meet every week. There is a PeopleSoft Financial Aid Module presentation tomorrow. Judy is concern about the integration of SAFE and how the students will see their information on their profiles. Judy has had conversation with Kerry Compton regarding counseling and the strict guidelines being enforced by the state.


Spring 2012 is when we start importing into the SAFE, but no transaction until the 2012-13 year.



b) Counseling – Kerry Compton

No meetings have taken place, because this group has been working with the Academic Advising Module group (see I. a).



c) Human Resources – David Betts

No report.


d) Library – Krista Johns

(In Krista’s absence Tony Hale made the report)

The library is shifting from Horizon to III. There are a lot of moving parts. Data is being moved from the old system. There are also physical parts that the network coordinators are receiving and the librarians, which are a very cohesive group, are working on this. IT is providing support.



e) Matriculation – Donald Moore

This group has also been working closely with Counseling BRT.



f) Schedulers – Sheryl Queen

Met with the schedulers. Rolled out the learning community setup. Jo Ann has been able to use BI to see errors in the schedule and the BI tool sends out emails to the schedulers every other day until the issue gets resolved.


Learning communities are working well. Need to work on the message being sent out to the students. Also, there is a learning curve with the staff assisting the students.


Someone from Laney was talking about setting up flex day for faculty and students.



g) Student Finance – Connie Willis

Meeting twice a month. IT is waiting for examples so they can work on some of the issues, but those examples cannot be given until enrollment starts.


Biggest focus is tuition calculation. Dominique is working with Ram to test different methods. She is also correcting students’ accounts and working on student account reconciliation.



h) Student Services – Eric Gravenberg

Have not met with students. Will have a brownbag on June 2 with the Chancellor. Will send email invite to VPSS to invite newly elected student leaders. Working on questions to be posted to the students.



i) Budget/Finance – Marybeth Benvenutti/Ron Gerhard

SAFE to GL is ready to be tested and training will take place this week. The new pro-rata is being tested. Still need part of the database to feed finance. Payroll was posted May 3. Susan Rinne is putting in the budget right now for the 2011-12 FY.


Auditors will be here next week. All fiscal years have been closed up to this year.



j) Admissions and Records – Joyce Brown-Willis

(In Joyce’s absence Charlotte Smith made the report)

Catching up with some of the issues that arose from the attendance verification roster submission.


Facing new stricter grade guidelines for F and W/F. This is important for Financial Aid students. Having a roll book with grade guidelines could help with this issue.



k) Institutional Effectiveness – Mike Orkin

Two new dashboards have been added to the BI tool (Distance Education and Student Headcount). Alexis Alexander is finishing up a training video on how to use the Student Headcount dashboard.


The BI Tool User’s Guide is being updates to include the new dashboards.



l) Instructional Faculty – Alexis Alexander

Putting together training for faculty: “Everything that faculty needs to know about Passport.” This will be available online.


Alexis asked for assistant from either IT or the Finance Department to put together training for classified staff on how to look at budgets in PeopleSoft.


MaryBeth Benvenutti and Susan Rinne are organizing training for the colleges.





V. Review of Progress on Prioritized Tasks


See II. a



VI. Other


Regarding the instructional calendar on the mainframe, if is it ready to be negotiated can it be included in the catalog?

The 2011-12 calendar can be included in the catalog. The other calendars would have to go online.


The CalWorks program will be audited next week. There will be one fiscal auditor for one day or one afternoon and one auditor per college.


The new Applications Team Project list will eventually replace the old issues log.








Adjournment: 4:50p




Next meeting:

Tony will like to meet during summer. Next meeting will June 27, 2011 in the District Board Room



 Handouts: May 16, 2011 Meeting Agenda; March 28, 2011 Meeting Minutes; Applications Team Projects List

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