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PeopleSoft Steering Committee Meeting Minutes

26 May 2011

Present: VC Budd, VC Ikharo, VC Ng, VC Gerhard, AVC Lam, DES Hale

  1. Announcements
    1. IT reiterated the importance of the committee and its role in focusing the efforts of IT on the many tasks before us.  Moreover, since functional support is part of every project, it is important for the VCs to be on the same page with respect to projects so that the labor requirements can be aligned across the district.
    2. VC Budd recommended that we should institute a steering committee for network IT projects to complement the PeopleSoft projects committee.
  2. Discussion
    1. We surveyed each VC for her/his top priorities and invited any clarification on the projects.
      1. VC Ng
        1. Tuition Calculation
        2. Roll Book
        3. Check Card-Related Development
      2. VC Ikharo
        1. Classroom Scheduling Software
      3. VC Gerhard
        1. Tuition Calculation
        2. Safe-to-GL
        3. ProRata (Pay for Part-Time, Temporary Employees)
      4. VC Budd
        1. SafeWeb project as a whole
        2. Degree Audit
        3. Library Project Support
        4. Notification of imminent roster dates
    2. DES Hale and AVC Lam made the following observations:
      1. The Safeweb and Tuition Calculation projects figure prominently on several lists.  Accordingly, they are receiving priority attention from IT staff.
      2. Discussions are still ongoing with the vendor regarding the check card-related project, so action cannot be immediately undertaken to prepare for the change.
      3. Degree Audit and ProRata are high-profile projects, the support for which is continuing.
      4. The library project requires some time but will step up in priority within a few weeks.
      5. The notification of imminent roster dates must be resolved before the next notification is to arrive.
      6. Demonstrations for classroom scheduling software are ongoing.  A broad contingent is invited to attend.
      7. DES Hale has some ideas for the Roll Book project which will be passed through the customary channels for approval.

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