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PeopleSoft Steering Committee Meeting Minutes

23 June 2011

Present: VC Budd, VC Ng, VC Gerhard, AVC Lam, DES Hale

1. Announcements

a) DES Hale will be departing Peralta, effective June 28th, 2011.  The recurring meeting for the steering committee must be shifted to another calendar.  AVC Lam will ensure the setup.

2. Discussion

a. Review Minutes

i. In the course of reviewing the minutes, VC Gerhard noted VC Budd’s earlier suggestion for an IT Network Steering Committee to complement the PS Steering Committee.  He sought to define what delineates the current lines of responsibility between the district and colleges.  In essence, these distinctions cannot be succinctly articulated.  However, AVC Lam noted that the ENG meeting, recently resurrected, represents an effort to collaborate more regularly with the college network coordinators.  VC Ng noted that there seems to be a need for a Steering Committee to offer support to the ENG efforts, much as the PBI structure offers support to administrative and academic groups.

b. Project Review

i. We discussed the progress that has been made on certain projects and the progress yet to be made on others.

1. Tuition calculation has been ameliorated thanks to Ram’s and Dominique’s efforts.  However a new project emerged from the troubleshooting.

2. There are about 1,000 student records that are improperly entered into the system and must be rectified.  This is not a new issue but recurs every semester since the migration to PeopleSoft.  Some issues are due to bad conversion data sitting dormant in the system.  Other issues are due to various other sources.

a. VC Ng vociferously argued that his staff will be devoting all available resources to resolving the problems.

b. DES Hale, AVC Lam, VCs Budd and Gerhard suggested that a more systematic approach to clean up all of the data that has yet to present itself must also be addressed in the long term.  DES Hale believes that a consultant will likely be necessary for this effort.  Jo Ann Phillips will provide her diagnoses on the nature of the problems.  Until then, the problem resolution resides in the hands of Admissions and Records.

ii. We reviewed the old priority list.  DES Hale requested that the VCs refine the list to offer a “top priority list” of 5 projects.  The following is the result:

1. Student record problem resolution

2. Debit Card Project

3. Degree Audit Support

4. ProRata Support

5. Grade book/Roll book

iii. The team continued the review of the PeopleSoft project list, making recommendations about changes where appropriate and seeking further explanation about others.

1. DES Hale will follow up with effective changes

iv. DES Hale announced that the VCs will regularly receive two reports: Current Projects and Completed Projects.

1. These two reports will also be published on the PRT website every Monday by Silvia Cortez to ensure that everyone who is interested may gain insight into the Application Team’s activities.

2. Delivery will continue automatically in the wake of DES Hale’s departure

3. The format for the reports will change slightly to optimize the readability of the reports

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