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PeopleSoft Steering Committee Meeting Minutes

7 July 2011

Present: VC Budd, VC Gerhard, VC Ikharo, VC Ng, AVC Lam, CAO Tortorice

1) Discussion

a) Projects Review

AVC shared the Executive Project list and went over some of the updates:

i) Catalog Numbers: AVC Lam go an update from the company regarding migration. They will contact Sheryl Queen to validate data.

ii) Library: This project is in the implementation stages. IT will house the server and Linnea Wren is the IT contact. Evelyn Lord has been working with consultant doing data migration from Horizon to Millennium. Gopaal is working on data extraction (Student and Employees information).

iii) Student Records: Waiting on accounts to be corrected to do drops. VC Gerhard mentioned that 1,000 records have been cleaned and there are about 20 to 30 more records that need to be cleaned. VC Gerhard would like to know if there is a way to identified student records prior to enrollment. Ram is in the process of identifying other records and AVC Lam will an update at the next meeting.

iv) Credit Card: Format has been established.

v) Grade Books: Ram completed specifications and document is ready for revision. AVC Lam shared the document with the group. He will also email a copy to all the VCs.

 VC Ng mentioned that Grade Book and Credit Card are urgent projects. Student holds might start to take effect on Monday, July 11. There are around 31,000 students with unpaid fees. VC Ng’s office is working on the requirements for holds. AVC Lam explained that requirements are needed before the holds can be implemented. VC Gerhard added that Board Policy needs to be created in order to establish the requirements.

CAO Tortorice is concerned with the number of projects on the list. He recommends this group focuses on ten projects and this meeting should be for status reports, not the technical aspects of the projects. VC Ikharo also suggests grouping most of the projects on the list by topic.

b)      Top 10 Projects:

i) Financial Aid Disbursement

ii) Library Project

iii) Student Record Clean-up

iv) Credit/Check Card

v) Grade Book/Attendance Rosters

vi) Web SAFE Passport Integration

vii) Degree Audit

viii) CCC Apply Ethnicity Issue (Unknown records)

ix) EasyPass/AC Transit for new Fiscal Year

x) Fixed Assets

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