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PeopleSoft Steering Committee Meeting Minutes

21 July 2011

Present:    VC Budd, VC Gerhard, VC Ikharo, VC Ng, AVC Lam

1) Annoucements

Vice Chancellor Ikharo shared memo requesting assistance from IT for the installation/set up of smart-classrooms. He met briefly with CAO Tortorice.

Laney and District IT have agreed to do basic imaging and this is in progress. Vincent Koo from Berkeley City College might be able to assist with the other colleges.

2) Projects Update

a) Financial Aid

  • Building out the integration point between SAFE and PS.
  • Need to pull sample from file received by John Walker
  • Developing scenarios for testing, so priorities can be set up. The group working on priorities will meet next week or early August.
  • Setting up integration point between SAFE and PS for check/debit cards. VC Gerhard commented that in some institutions the check/debit cards come out directly from the bank, eliminating the county.

b) ProRata

  • EB5C is testing and IT is supporting them as needed. After testing is done, knowledge transfer will be performed.
  • It was determined that a custom page outside the system will be better for tracking PFT membership. This can be ready by next week so payroll can track.

 c) Academic Advising

  • Still on production support. IT has assisted with migration. Will work on knowledge transfer.
  • VC Budd asked for an update regarding DBA and getting data to PineTree. AVC Minh, CAO Tortorice and Beth Tripp met to discuss this issue and made decision as to how to proceed.

 d) Faculty Grade Book

  • Ram is working on modifying the downloadable template. Will have something ready for review by next week.
  • Need to finalize functional requirements and after that will create the online grade books.
  • Need to establish workflow: Who receives grade books after faculty submits them?

 e) MIS Reporting

  • Need to modify CCCApply
  • VC Budd explained that the goal is to pull ethnicity data from Legacy (if we have it) when student selects ‘Unknown’ in CCCApply. AVC Lam will recommend to Ram and Gopaal to do a comparison between CCCApply and PeopleSoft, and after that check Legacy as a 3rd option.

 f) Assest Management

  • System has been implemented, but tables need to be cleaned up.
  • VC Gerhard and John Banisadr have worked on this since January. He met with Sarah, John, and Kyu but nothing was accomplished at this meeting. Data from previous test (2007) was not available.
  • Data needs to be validated and new requirements need to be reviewed.
  • Full solution is to use High Jump and one of the requirements is to be able to do the scanning ourselves.
  • Most immediate need is for audit purposes.

 g) Adjuct Step Increase

  • HR is working on requirements.
  • Need to convert Legacy data. John Walker did a data extract, but some dates are missing.
  • HR needs to come out with a statute of limitations. VC Gerhard recommends going back two years.
  • There are two main issues with this project: statute of limitations and accuracy of data (validation).
  • Conversion needs to go in a custom table.

 h) AC Transit

  • Need to define Contract Education requirements. VC Budd explained that this was in issue in the past due to bad practices and it is not a PeopleSoft issue. One rules have been establish, this will be easy to implement.
  • Need to have solid ranged for late-start classes. VC Budd said that the system should pick up the number of units regardless the class start date. The issue is when late-start classes are dropped and students ask for a full registration and EasyPass refund.
  • AVC Minh recommends using the three step process developed by Jim Bracey and resending informational flyers, as well as posting on the website.

 i) Student Holds/Drops

  • IT needs specifications before implementing.
  • VC Gerhard explained that in the past the issue was with tuition calculation. This has been resolved, so holds can be implemented. VC Gerhard will work with Dominique Benavides on sending invoices to students.
  • VC Ng’s office has been calling students who own more than $1,000. There are no promissory notes, only online payments. If a student has a promissory note that is 2 years old, student is dropped.
  • IT needs to have the exceptions list (EOPS, DSPS, Veterans, Financial Aid, etc.).
  • VC Ng will communicate with VPSS about special groups and request that they submit a list to Joyce Brown-Willis not later than Tuesday, July 26.
  • First drop will occur on Monday, August 8 (two weeks before first day of instruction) and the second drop will happen on Thursday, August 11.
  • VC Gerhard suggest that VC Ng define holds/drops dates to be included in class schedule.
  • VC Budd recommends setting up a pay-to-stay system in which students must pay within two weeks of registering for classes in order to avoid being dropped.
  • AVC Lam requested all holds/drops rules in writing from VC Ng, prior to implementing holds/drops


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