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PeopleSoft Steering Commitee Meeting Minutes

4 August 2011

Present:    CAO Tony Tortorice, VC Budd, VC Gerhard, AVC Lam, AVC Orkin

1. Announcement


2. Projects Update

a) Financial Aid

  • On track for integration piece.
  • Will run the entire cycle on August 9 and will have 2 weeks to test.
  • AVC Minh asked for clarification on award letter and students acceptance. The Financial Aid group will meet next Tuesday, August 9 and VC Ng is in charge of giving this piece.
  • Payment priorities can be set once IT has all the information on rules and policies regarding FA awards.
  • According to VC Ng is ok to reduce award without student permission, according to Judy Cohen you can, but need student’s signature. VC Gerhard clarified by stating that you do need the student’s signature if taking out fees for previous terms, but ok if you are only taking out fees for the current term.

 b) ProRata

  • Go live is set for September 16, testing acceptance for August 31
  • There was some dispute as to who will be responsible after execution (HR or Payroll). Looking to add a new page on the payroll side, so they can take care of this.
  • Regression date has been pushed back due to a delay in rollback, but still on time to complete full project.

 c) Academic Adviseemnt

  • Go live is set for August 15
  • Admissions and Records are schedule for training within the next 2 weeks (2 hours of training per person). Sheryl Queen and Jo Ann Phillips will also receive training.
  • PineTree has presented a Change Order request claiming that the lack of coordination with IT has delayed their work. CAO Tortorice meet with Beth Tripp and AVC Lam, and AVC Lam provided emails that refute a lot of the issues in the Change Order. Next step will be to have General Counsel Nguyen revise the PineTree contract to look at provisions for change in scope. VC Budd will forward contract and Change Order to VC Gerhard, CAO Tortorice, and AVC Lam for further review.
  • Transcript evaluation is an important component for the rollout of Academic Advisement. VC Budd will meet with CAO Tortorice to determine requirements.

 d) Faculty Grade Book

  • CAO Tortorice met with this group and the scope for this project has changed dramatically. The purpose of faculty rosters is to have attendance records for when students have grievances.
  • The short term goal is for faculty to submit rosters like they were doing as of 2008. The long term goal is to scan rosters and submit as electronic files that ultimately can be fed to PeopleSoft.
  • For Fall 2011, CAO Tortorice suggest doing a batch run and put hard copies of rosters in faculties’ mailboxes at the colleges, as well as sending them an email with the link of the online form.
  • Rollout for this project will be Flex Day

 e) MIS Reporting

  • Need a timeline from Gopaal for CCCApply.
  • Gopaal and Jo Ann are working on identifying special groups.
  • Need to coordinate IT date and MIS report dates.

 f) Assest Management

  • Prasaad and Bill Vorhies will work with IT programmers.
  • Sarah Schrader is the financial lead. She has worked on the functional requirements and has been in communication with Prasaad and Bill. VC Gerhard will ask her to include Kyu Lee in all communication.

 g) Adjuct Step Increase

  • Requirements are done.
  • Bill Vorhies is working with John Walker to figure out the conversion piece.
  • There are issues with missing Legacy data (historical data).

 h) AC Transit

  • A strong project plan is needed. Need to have strong requirements.
  • VC Budd explained that good business practices were not established for this project. According to her, any student enrolled in 9 units or more is eligible for a bus pass. If they drop below 9 units after census day, they don’t get reimbursed for the EasyPass and AC transit need to deactivate their pass.
  • VC Budd will establish requirements and she will sign off on them.

 i) Student Holds/Drops

  • Focus right now is on student holds.
  • VG Ng would like to place a hold on all students (regardless of special groups) if they have not paid Spring 2011.
  • By today will have something to run in UAT and testing will begin.

3. Others

  • The library project is no longer in the top ten because PeopleSoft is only a small piece of the project. 
  • VC Gerhard asked about the status of data cleanup. This got starter with tuition calculation. AVC Lam said that some issues are caused by the way in which programs and degrees are entered in the system, and this is being corrected as errors are being identified. Need to have definitions. 
  • CAO Tortorice is setting up a project portfolio that he will share with everyone. This will help with selecting/adding new projects to the list. Need to establish a process for proposing, evaluating, and scheduling new projects. 
  • Need to re-schedule the next PRT meeting, possibly in September. IT will take ownership of chairing the PRT.

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