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PeopleSoft Resolution Team Meeting Minutes

29 November 2011

Chair: Tony Tortorice

Present: Alexis Alexander, Dominique Benavides, David Betts, Joseph Bielanski, Joyce Brown-Willis, Debbie Budd, Kerry Compton, Ron Gerhard, Minh Lam, Jacob Ng, Mike Orkin, Jo Ann Phillips, Karolyn van Putten, Sheryl Queen, Susan Rinne


Agenda Item and Presenter(s)


Follow-up Action



Meeting Called to Order:

3:10 pm



I. Update on PeopleSoft Projects









a) Financial Aid/SAFE Web

CAO Tortorice just got back the report from Oracle. Oracle believes they can make PeopleSoft work. This project will not be inexpensive, but it will not be more than ESI. CAO Tortorice will prepare a report for the Chancellor and will review this report with VC Ng. Need to find out if this project needs to go out for bid.

Sheryl Queen asked if the financial aid piece from Oracle will work with PS 8.9. Oracle suggests the upgrade, but they can work with PS 8.9.


b) Time and Labor Distribution

The company selected through the RFQ process will be here Thursday and Friday to do a cost analysis. They do suggest the PS upgrade.


c) PeopleSoft Data Warehouse for Financial Services

A set of demos have been scheduled. We are not committed to doing this project, but we are in the process of finding out what the level of effort will be if we decide to proceed.


d) Electronic Workflow for Budget Transfers

Kyu Lee is the lead for this project and is being done internally.


e) Electronic Personnel Action Forms

This project is in active discussion. CAO Tortorice implemented electronic PAs at LAUSD and Jim Grivich helped with implementation.

David Betts commented that he has not been part of any discussion regarding this issue. He suggests bumping up this project in the priority list. CAO Tortorice suggests David Betts should be the lead for the business side of this project.


f) Document Management System

Need to get an idea of how much it will cost to implement.




II. Report out from Committees



a) Financial Aid – Nicholes

In the process of implementing SARS. Hope to have it ready by January 2012. Also, setting up a digital screen for setting up schedules.


b) Counseling – Compton

Working on business processes for the implementation of holds.

This group also discussed the issue of student email accounts. Two years ago the PIT mandated the use of Peralta student emails. Adding student emails to the class rosters had also been discussed.

Karolyn van Putten mentioned that a lot of faculty members do not use Peralta email to communicate. If there is a policy, where is it? And how do you implemented?

Policy should include that all information will only be sent to Peralta emails and it is the faculty/student responsibility to forward their Peralta email to a personal email if they choose to.

Karolyn van Putten suggests creating a splash screen in My Faculty Center to inform faculty of such policy.


c) Human Resources – Betts

CAO already discussed Time and Labor.

Notification was sent out regarding Personnel Action Forms (PAF). From now on all PAFs need to go directly to HR (Bob Frost or Anthony Matchette). PAFs have not been tracked since 2005 and HR has started to track all of them in an Excel spreadsheet. There is a big need for online tracking. HR will look at an external vendor for the implementation of an online system.


d) Library – (Need to find someone to report out)

No Report


e) Matriculation – Ng

In the last meeting, a sub-committee was set up to look at assessment instruments, like validation scores, that need to be updated. Also, working with Educational Services for the implementation of holds.


f) Schedulers – Queen

Met a couple of weeks ago. Brainstormed and added automated messages about missing items. Using BI to send these automated messages.

Karolyn van Putten asked if there has been any progress with selecting a scheduling program to be use. Sheryl has not look into this yet, but Schedule 25 has been brought up as an option.


g) Student Finance – Willis

Dominique Benavides reported that at their last meeting the refund process was discussed. Right now it takes about six weeks for students to get a refund. One of the delays is the fact that our current vendor is not a prefer user from the PeopleSoft side. Looked at other colleges’ procedures and their process takes between 2 to 6 weeks.

VC Budd mentioned that at Chabbott College students got credit for the following semesters, instead of getting money back. Dominique explained that the same is true for Peralta, but there are still a number of students who request money to be refunded to them instead of receiving credit for the following term.

VC Gerhard mentioned that the Board is working on official Board Policy and Administrative Procedures and there will be a section for refunds.

Student Finance is also working on 1090T. These forms will be sent out starting January 2012. And also working on Financial Aid and General Ledger connection.


h) Student Services – Gravenberg

No report


i) Budget/Finance – Rinne/Gerhard

Some of the issues Finance is working with IT, like Asset Management and Time and Labor, have already been discussed.

The company that will be here this week for the Time and Labor project has recommended the PeopleSoft upgrade. Implementation would take approximately 9 months.

VC Budd expressed concern with the PS upgrade. Everyone that has come in has told Educational Services we could lose everything in the Student Administration (SA) side.

VC Gerhard said that the company has asked if we are in the OBIE side for SA, which we are. Right now the project is in the preliminary stages and someone from Oracle will meet with Educational Services to double check the transition happens without any issues. Functional and technical people will be involved in the kickoff process. Need to keep in mind that eventually we will lose all support for the 8.9 version.

Sheryl Queen and Jo Ann Phillips expressed their understanding with the fact that we need the upgrade, but they are concern with not having enough staff to support any issues that might come up during the upgrade.


j) Admissions and Records – Brown-Willis

Previous PRT log issues were submitted to CAO Tortorice just before this meeting. Hopefully these issues will be added to the next PRT Agenda. CAO Tortorice will add those issues to the database.

Open enrollment starts January 5, 2012. Joyce is working with Ram regarding student ID/SS# issues. Joyce is also scanning all transcripts. Hopefully we can get some kind of document managements system. All scanned transcripts are available to the counselors in the W drive.


k) Institutional Effectiveness/BI Tool – Orkin

The BI Tool is being used to send automated emails to the schedulers. Since the last meeting, some mini tools for queries have been implemented. Also working on reconciling and documenting any differences in BI databases and any other databases we use for reporting.

CAO Tortorice mentioned the PS data warehouse and when we start using this other data warehouse it will be great to link all the databases.


l) Instructional Faculty – Alexander

VC Budd and Sheryl Queen met with faculty for suggestions regarding the wait list and faculty had a few recommendations.

Karolyn van Putten asked about the status of the roll book and remote user authentication.

Joyce Brown-Willis explained that the Excel spreadsheet was a quick fix for the roll book and Ram is working on this project. Jo Ann Phillips mentioned that this needs to go back to CAO Tortorice so the project can be assigned or re-assigned for further work.

Karolyn van Putten said that the remote user authentication issue needs follow up with CAO Tortorice. This might have been in the previous issues log.



IV. Other


Jo Ann Phillips brought up the loss of data in the test environment during the power outage.

Minh Lam worked during the weekend and was able to recover some of the data. The data recovered is from the production environment. Minh still needs to verify all the recovered data as some of it was corrupted. Moving forward IT will back up the test environments.

The DBA was not called to assist with the data recovery and Jo Ann wants to emphasize the importance of using all of the resources available in a situation like this and this would have been a good opportunity to use the DBA.

AVC Orkin expressed his concern with the fact that the test databases are not being backed up. Minh has mention in one of the emails that test databases are not backed up as a matter of policy.

CAO Tortorice was unaware the test environments were not being backed up and he made the assumption that all data was being backed up. IT will be making changes to the SAN system. There should be a technical solution for this.

Minh explained that we have approximately 8 environments and in order to accommodate for such a large amount of data, IT only does backups when requested.

AVC Orkin said that the backups should not happen only when requested. There needs to be a policy that states all data must be backed up and this policy should include the dates when the backups take place.

AVC Orkin also mentioned the meeting that took place regarding policy to allow students to change their email account password. Other items covered at this meeting were changes to the student ID algorithm and changes to the student page to emphasize the use of other non-Peralta emails.

VC Budd added that the meeting was started with the discussion of the wait list and that is why the group ended up talking about student emails. Students will receive an email to notify them their wait list status.

Alexis Alexander mentioned that we are asking students to use their CCCApply email. Maybe we need to think about other solutions like Google Campus.

Joyce explained that CCCApply assigns an email account to those students who do not have email prior to registering with Peralta. Peralta emails are assigned after the student has registered.

Karolyn mentioned how when you register for something on line, you are asked to confirm your email. A lot of times you receive an email with a link that you must click in order to confirm your email or activate a registration.

Jo Ann explained that the splash screen should tell the student what his/her email is or whether they want to use a different email, but email will be a required field in order to complete the registration process.

CAO Tortorice explained that the purpose of the meeting was to set up policy and procedures. Work on the technical specification will begin once the policy and procedures have been set.











Next meeting:

Monday, January 30, 2012, 3:00 pm – 5:00pm

District Office Board Room




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