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PeopleSoft Resolution Team Meeting Minutes

30 January 2012

Chair: Tony Tortorice

Present: Alexis Alexander, Dominique Benavides, David Betts, Joseph Bielanski, Joyce Brown-Willis, Debbie Budd, Kerry Compton, Ron Gerhard, Minh Lam, Jacob Ng, Mike Orkin, Jo Ann Phillips, Karolyn van Putten, Sheryl Queen, Susan Rinne

Agenda Item and Presenter(s)


Follow-up Action



Meeting Called to Order:

3:20 pm



I. Update on PeopleSoft Projects









a) Financial Aid/SAFE Web

CAO Tortorice got a positive answer from Oracle with regards to integrating Financial Aid to PeopleSoft (PS), but the PS upgrade need to be done first.

The Financial Aid process can be kicked-off in July. Go-live would be set for January 2014.

The PS upgrade will be a technical upgrade only; no new functions will be turned on. CAO Tortorice is scheduled to receive an update from Oracle. The business analysis will identify the processes that require a policy update.


b) Time and Labor Distribution

This project has been postponed. This is another project where the consultants recommended doing the PS upgrade.


c) PeopleSoft Data Warehouse for Financial Services

CAO Tortorice received a quote from a consultant this morning. This will be a very simple implementation. CAO Tortorice will meet with VC Gerhard.


d) Electronic Workflow for Budget Transfers

Project kicked-off before the holidays, but got put on hold until all year-end process (W-2 and 1090T) got done. The lead for this project is Kyu Lee.


e) Electronic Personnel Action Forms

CAO Tortorice will meet with David Betts to talk about how to kick-off this project.


f) Document Management System

Not necessarily a PS project, but it can affect the integration with some PS modules, like student transfer. The Vice Chancellors have agreed to be the steering committee for this project, since it will affect all areas.



CAO Tortorice informed the group that the IT Strategy is almost done. All projects and budgets have been described. The strategy will be presented at the next DTC meeting and from there it will be forwarded to the PBC. The strategy will be presented to the Board at the February 28 meeting.

Within the strategy, several PS projects were identified (financial aid, budget development, several data warehouses for HR and procurement, updates to the student data warehouse, potential templates for mobile devices). The group did a SWAT analysis and sorted the projects by priority. Dealing with the larger projects will probably fix a lot of the smaller issues.

VP Compton asked about the status of the PRT issues log.

CAO Tortorice received a copy of the log right after the holidays and has not been able to put it in a format that will make it easier to track them. He would also like to come up with a system for adding new issues to the log.

Jo Ann Phillips raised her concern regarding the number of programmers on staff.

CAO Tortorice has been pushing HR to get the job classification done in order to proceed with any recruitment to fill out the IT vacancies. In the meantime, CAO Tortorice is in the process of brining a firm for a couple of months.




II. Report out from Committees


a) Financial Aid – Nicholes (VC Ng reported)

Implementation of new Financial Aid disbursement system to commence this week. Still working on modification that will make the whole process fully automated.

VC Ng explained the two different processes that will be taking place. One is for distributing cards and the other is for refunds. Both process are illustrated in the handout VC Ng shares with PRT. One of the problems right now is students’ address changes. Admissions and Records will work with IT to manually update student files.

Karolyn van Putten asked if consultation with the colleges had been done prior to implementation and asked if there is any reason for the urgency to implement right away.

VC Ng has been meeting with deans and student groups since last fall. This initiative originated from the students.

Karolyn is concerned that faculty did not know about this until the last Board meeting.

Other PRT members questioned as to how this project got push to a top priority and how projects are being selected. Is this the body setting priority or is the PRT Steering Committee setting the priorities?

VC Gerhard explained that the steering committee meets more frequently than PRT. The purpose of the steering committee is to get a pulse of the top ten projects and to act as project managers to keep things on track. Taking a broader look, rather than specific items. The top ten projects should be coming from this group. Financial Aid is one of the top ten and it’s being talked more about it, but there are other projects like Schedule 21 that are being worked on.


b) Counseling – Compton

This group met on December 14. VP Compton shared their meeting minutes. The counseling group endorses the Peralta student email policy.


c) Human Resources – Betts

No Report


d) Library – (Need to find someone to report out)

No Report


e) Matriculation – Ng

This group will meet again this month. Working on assessment tests for colleges.

Dr. Orkin will be assisting with the reporting and at the next meeting (February 13) Dr. Orkin will be doing a presentation about test results.

There is also a taskforce looking at test validity. This taskforce team is made up of college counselors and faculty.


f) Schedulers – Queen

This group has been busy cleaning the schedule and working on class catalogs.


g) Student Finance – Willis (Dominique Benavides reported)

Have not met yet. Need to decide who will be leading this group.

Finishing up 1090Ts. They will be sent out to students starting tomorrow.


h) Student Services – Gravenberg

Talked to student government leaders and Trustee Brumfield has expressed concerned about the PASSPORT system. Financial Aid Supervisors have been going around campus putting out flyers to inform students of upcoming changes.

VC Gravenber has also talked to some students and how they might be able to collaborate with IT.


i) Budget/Finance – Rinne/Gerhard

January is a busy month for Finance. All W-2 forms have been sent out, as well as 1090T. Other projects, like the budget transfer workflow, were put on hold until all the time sensitive issues were completed.

Received a proposal for the implementation of OBIE tool for financial reporting. Would like to implement this project, as well as the PS upgrade and financial aid integration.


j) Admissions and Records – Brown-Willis

No report


k) Institutional Effectiveness/BI Tool – Orkin

AVC Orkin sent a request to CAO Tortorice for upgrades to the BI Tool. Right now they are finishing updating the database to include data from this semester. Also, have instituted mini tools for headcount.

At the moment there seems to be more demand from users and AVC Orkin is dealing with the issue of site linceses.


l) Instructional Faculty – Alexander

No report.



IV. Other


a) AC Transit

Peralta is not sending correct data to AC Transit. This has been an ongoing problem. A consultant who has not been working for Peralta for a couple of years created the application.

The same consultant was called back; he worked over the weekend and submitted the data to AC transit yesterday afternoon. VC Ng is awaiting a response from AC transit to his request to allow students to use their student ID to ride the buses. Once he receives an answer from AC Transit he will send an email to all the business offices.


b) Future of PRT

Member of PRT are concern about the overlap going on between PRT and the steering committee.

Joseph Bielanski explained that PRT originated from people who did the PS integration and as part of one of the ACCJC recommendations.

Members are concerned that this body was functioning pretty well and all of a sudden the decision making process has been shift to another body. This group needs to have a better idea as to who is prioritizing the projects in order to send items to correct body.

AVC Orkin sees a lot of overlapping from this group and the District Technology Committee (DTC). The DTC has a very clear and good communication channel with the colleges and some of the issues could be routed to the DTC.

VC Gerhard explained that some of the issues he has brought to the steering committee have been brought to his attention at the PRT meetings. Functionality needs to happen either here or at the DTC. Does DTC has time for all of these?

The main focus of this group was the functionality of specific areas. This group is more about functionality and how different areas of PS work with each other. There is a manual on the website that talks about the role and process for PRT.

CAO Tortorice explained that the prioritization process has to be done more frequent and the vice chancellors need to have a say on this. He suggests adding an agenda item for next meeting to review the objectives of the PRT and to give feedback.

Need to have a better definition of the PRT role. This is the only venue students have to provide input. Need to establish a formal way of communicating the decision making process from the steering committee back to the PRT group. Need to be practical and realistic about the number of functionality teams. At a certain point, IT needs to be able to make decisions when dealing with the day-to-day work.











Next meeting:

Monday, March 12, 2012, 3:00 pm – 5:00pm

District Office Board Room




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