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Counseling Functionality Meeting Minutes

8 February 2012

Present: Debbie Budd, Kerry Compton, Sheryl Queen, Jo Ann Phillips, Joyce Brown; Trulie Thompson, Leslie Scurry

Action Items:

1. Reminder: SARS Reason Codes (continued from last meeting)

PASSPORT will soon begin to automate SARS Orientation to the matriculation screen for MIS reporting. The group discussed data input for SARS. Orientation should only be a “reason” attached to the assessment location. Also, all counselors should be using the SARS Reason codes  decided and defined three years ago. CFT members should make sure all counselors are using these.

2. Implementation of Holds/process for Probation/Reinstatement from Dismissal

  • March 1, 2012 (this is a change from February 1)

Message in Student Center (with a hard hold): You are on academic or progress probation.  You will not be able to enroll  until you contact the Counseling Department for information on clearing your hold.You may also access information at

In the future expand clearance of holds to include enrollment in COUN orientation classes, e.g.: 200A, 202, & 224. This must be done manually because there is no programmer to implement the automatic clearance.

For this and other issues that require communication with the student, the student e-mail system must be available. Two years ago the Passport Implementation Team (with Dr. Bracy as the lead) reached consensus that Peralta could and should mandate the use of the e-mail system for all college communication. Students could have instruction on the forwarding capability (to their personal e-mail)  and reminders of official communication by Peralta e-mail could be made. The CFT recommends a strong media campaign. The policy was approved by the district Technology committee at the last meeting and the policy should be included on the PCCD website re: email.


3. Vice-chancellor Budd will call a meeting on the following topics: Academic Advising Report–None of these have been started or completed.

Degree-applicable classes from cross enrollment within the PCCD District for the AA/AS degree majors, Certificates, IGETC, and CSU GE/Breadthrequirements to be added to the report.

 Information in red will also be underlined on the report to increase ease of reading.

 Instructions on using the Academic Advising Report will be clarified. Future training will be scheduled.

 A&R Evaluators will use the Academic Advising Report for evaluations and report any problems.

 Process for requesting outside transcript evaluations will be confirmed, changed, or clarified by A&R and referred to the District Matriculation Committee for discussion and input, (eg: when appropriate/how counselors request an initial transcript evaluation, procedures in A&R to approve “transfer in” coursework and input into Academic Advising/Degree Audit system, etc).

 Headings on the report will be changed as per discussion, (removal of the list of courses).

 The list of courses developed to date from colleges outside the district,that are articulated as equivalent will be placed on the “W drive”; and will be updated as expanded. VC Budd will convene additional meetings of the counselors/articulation officers to add additional classes.


4. The list of CFT priorities was modified to remove those items that had been accomplished.


5. Kerry reported on the recent Passport Resolution Team meeting.

Next Meeting: March 14, 2012, 9:30, IT conference Room. Future meetings are April 11, and May 9.

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