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PeopleSoft Resolution Team Meeting Minutes

12 March 2012

Chair: Tony Tortorice

Present: Alexis Alexander, Dominique Benavides, David Betts, Joseph Bielanski, Joyce Brown-Willis, Kerry Compton, Mike Orkin, Jo Ann Phillips

Agenda Item and Presenter(s)


Follow-up Action



Meeting Called to Order:

3:20 pm



I. Update on PeopleSoft Projects









a) Financial Aid/SAFE Web

There is a contract going to the Board for tomorrow to extend safe contract.

b) Time and Labor Distribution

Not going to get started until the upgrade process.

The Board approved the upgrade, but still need to do more negotiation with Oracle. …more PeopleSoft Resolution Team Meeting Minutes

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PeopleSoft Resolution Team Meeting Agenda

12 March 2012

3:00 to 5:00 pm

District Boardroom

1. Updates on PeopleSoft Projects

  • Financial Aid/SAFE-Web
  • Time and Labor Distribution
  • PeopleSoft Datawarehouse for Financials
  • Electronic Workflow for Budget Transfers
  • Electronic Personnel Action Forms
  • Document Management System

…more PeopleSoft Resolution Team Meeting Agenda

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