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PeopleSoft Resolution Team Meeting Minutes

12 March 2012

Chair: Tony Tortorice

Present: Alexis Alexander, Dominique Benavides, David Betts, Joseph Bielanski, Joyce Brown-Willis, Kerry Compton, Mike Orkin, Jo Ann Phillips

Agenda Item and Presenter(s)


Follow-up Action



Meeting Called to Order:

3:20 pm



I. Update on PeopleSoft Projects









a) Financial Aid/SAFE Web

There is a contract going to the Board for tomorrow to extend safe contract.

b) Time and Labor Distribution

Not going to get started until the upgrade process.

The Board approved the upgrade, but still need to do more negotiation with Oracle.

c) PeopleSoft Data Warehouse for Financial Services

No report.

d) Electronic Workflow for Budget Transfers

Kyu Lee is working on this. Marie Kobase is no longer with the district, so this might create a bit of a hold on Kyu, as he will be helping with payroll. Kyu has taken some workflow classes and is now applying his learning to this project. 

e) Electronic Personnel Action Forms

Kickoff meeting will be tomorrow. The approach we are taking on this is to go low tech to build fast and get 90% functionality. Building outside of PS, similar to something CAO Tortorice did at LAUSD. Later on might be able to integrate with PS.

f) Document Management System

Had demos from three companies. These were educational demos, not evaluation demos. Bill Vorheis and Joyce Brown-Willis went to SJSU last week to see how they are doing their implementation. SJSU is a PS client.

Joyce found the visit very informative. The system is not only for A&R. Other departments at the district and the colleges can use it. SJSU shared they good experiences, as well as the headaches of implementation. Bill Vorheis has a lot of insight on how this can be implemented. The system is very organized and it has the capability to do transcript evaluations.

The intent if to do the ARP and kick-off sometime in April 2012


There is a new consultant helping out with student admin issues. JoAnn Phillips mentioned that he already worked on a couple of projects. He has experience with community colleges. CAO Tortorice pointed out the difference technical ability makes and that is why the classifications in IT jobs are important.

Minh Lam will be on vacation for a month, but IT has enough staff to cover the student and finance sides.




II. Report out from Committees


a) Financial Aid – Nicholes

No report.

b) Counseling – Compton

No report.

c) Human Resources – Betts

The biggest project right now is the electronic PAs. The kick-off meting will take place tomorrow and several meetings will take place this week and. Taking a share governance approach by having people from all colleges and all district departments at these meetings. The project should be implemented by the end of June 2012.

Other projects are Time and Labor and Document Management. These will be on hold until the PS upgrade.

d) Library – (Need to find someone to report out)

No report.

e) Matriculation – Ng

No report.

f) Schedulers – Queen

No report.

g) Student Finance – Willis (Dominique Benavides reported)

Working with IT on submission of COTOPS due on Thursday. Dominique did a manual input of about 1,000 holds and is now waiting for Kit to implement holds, so Gopaal can do a test.

h) Student Services – Gravenberg

No report.

i) Budget/Finance – Rinne/Gerhard

No report.

j) Admissions and Records – Brown-Willis

Great trip to SJSU regarding document management. This Friday will start setting enrollment appointments.

k) Institutional Effectiveness/BI Tool – Orkin

In the process of getting more BI licenses. There will be a total of 100 site licenses. The maintenance fee for these 100 licenses is about $24,000 a year.

CAO Tortorice will meet with AVC Orkin, VC Budd and VC Gerhard to evaluate where the user overlap occurs: same username with access to more than one data.

l) Instructional Faculty – Alexander

No report.



III. Discussion/Feedback of PRT Goals






The fact that the Steering Committee is making most of the decisions is affecting attendance and participation of the PRT.

From the point of view of accreditation, the fact that the Steering Committee is a separate entity without visibility is an issue.

The Matriculation Committee is now part of the District Education Committee. Can PRT be part of the District Technology Committee? How much overlap is there between these two groups? AVC Mike Orkin felt there was enough overlap, but at the last PRT meeting he was part of the minority that felt this way. The majority felt that the focus of PRT is users and users’ issues.

This group knows more about actual the software and issues with the software. Also, this group was setting priorities regarding the many issues that were on the table. PRT provided a way for the different functionality teams to review and prioritize issues, even if the issues did not pertain to their particular group.

From the point of view of IT, the central problem is having limited resources and how to ensure that all work gets done. In many instances Vice Chancellors were going directly to the programmers to give them other projects. The VCs might have good intentions, but they might not be familiar with smaller issues and how they affect the overall of larger projects.

CAO Tortorice suggests having a smaller group to go over the issues log, but more important to establish a process for adding new issues to the log.

JoAnn Philips suggests going over the issues log at the next PRT meeting and for CAO Tortorice to go over this list with the VCs at the next Steering Committee meeting.



IV. Other








Next meeting:

Monday, April 23, 2012, 3:00 pm – 5:00pm

District Office Board Room



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