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PeopleSoft Resolution Team Meeting Minutes

15 October 2012

Chair: Calvin Madlock

Present: Joseph Bielanski, Joyce Brown-Willis, Teresa Chan, Chungwai Chum, Ron Gerhard, Nate Heller, Kyu Lee, Gary Nicholes, Mike Orkin, Sheryl Queen, Karolyn van Putten, Connie Willis

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Meeting Called to Order:

3:10 pm          



I. Update on PeopleSoft Projects









a) Financial Aid/SAFE Web

This project is underway. Right now we are doing the planning and analysis for proof of concepts. Also, loading the FA database into a server to see if this project feasible or not. There is no timeline yet, but we will know whether or not we can use PeopleSoft FA by December 2012. There are several challenges with FA and would like to look not only at the technical aspects, but functionality aspects. AVC Madlock would like to meet with FA staff.

VC Ng was looking at PowerFAIDS as an alternative, but we own the FA module in PeopleSoft. We’ve decided to evaluate this module to see if it works with our processes before going out to purchase a different system.

Process mapping should take place regardless of the system we choose. AVC Madlock was part of the evaluation team at LACCD and they chose PeopleSoft. LACCD, like Peralta, is a multi-college district.

b) Time and Labor Distribution

This project has not started yet. AVC Madlock would like more clarification on the scope of this project.

VC Gerhard explained that there is a compliance issue with federal grants. There are time and effort reporting requirements and Peralta has not been compliant with these requirements. A secondary benefit would be for payroll to stop processing paper timesheets for hourly staff.

Since this is a Priority A project in the IT Strategy, AVC Madlock will provide a timeline for this project at the next PRT Meeting.

c) PeopleSoft Data Warehouse for Financial Services

We have implemented the first phase. The reports that come with the first phase are not as user-friendly as we would want.

The second phase will allow for customization and we will be able to create our own reports. AVC Madlock will provide a timeline for the second phase.

d) Electronic Workflow for Budget Transfers

One piece of this project is the automation of budget transfer notifications. The second piece is for colleges to be able to post their own budget transfers. Susan Rinne has been working with Kyu Lee and it looks like everything is ready to go, just need to do training with the business managers. There is a business managers meeting tomorrow and if there aren’t any issues, this will be implemented later this week. Right now is in the testing stage.

e) Electronic Personnel Action Forms

The ePAFS project has been completed and it’s in production. This is a project outside of PeopleSoft and was written by an outside consultant.

No one in IT supports this application and there are other similar applications (EasyPass, Staff Development, ProRata, CCCApply) that were developed by outside consultants. We need to work on transition plans for all these projects and need to make sure we have on-staff support before signing off on projects.

ePAFS will always be a stand-alone application. If there are any issues with ePAFS the recommendation is to open a FootPrints ticket. The developer is on annual maintenance to work on any issues that should arise.

f) Document Management System

This project will allow for the electronic management of all documentation. This project is out for bid and in the process of selecting the top candidates to request demos. As soon as the vendor is selected and approved by the Board, we are hoping to roll this project out for General Services and Admissions & Records. This will help not only to scan and save documents, but with indexing and retrieval.


Need to ad Google Email and PeopleSoft Upgrade to the list of projects. Google Email is not a PeopleSoft project, but it needs to be integrated with PeopleSoft.

The PeopleSoft Upgrade will be done in two phases: from 8.9 to 9.0 and from 9.0 to 9.1. The tentative date for deployment is March/April 2013.

We have created a demo database for 9.0 with Oracle data. Teresa Chan will be the lead and she will give access to testers so users can become familiar with 9.0




II. Report out from Committees


a) Financial Aid – Nicholes

Need to go back and summit MIS data for 2009-10 and 2010-11 by October 26. There are several community colleges that submitted zero for BOGGS. This will not delay FA disbursement.

With the passing of AB540 starting with Spring 2013 registration, we need to be able to waive fees to students who qualify. Students need to be identified in PeopleSoft and SAFE. Need to make sure this also works with the PeopleSoft upgrade and that integrates with SAFE.

b) Counseling – Steve Pantell/Adrienne Riley

The person who represented the counseling group retired last year. Joseph Bielanski recommends that a formal invitation go out to Steve Pantell to represent the counseling group at PRT.

Items from the counseling group need to be added to the PRT Issues Log.

c) Human Resources – Betts

No Report.

d) Matriculation – Ng

No Report.

e) Schedulers – Queen

The Spring 2013 schedule has been sent out to print. This group will be meeting soon.

f) Student Finance – Willis

This group has not met yet. Chungwai Chun will be the co-chair and needs to be added to the PRT distribution list.

g) Student Services – Gravenberg (Report given by Nate Heller)

A district-wide student council has been formed. They will be meeting twice a month and hope to be able to find students to seat at different committees. This council would like to follow the development of the PeopleSoft upgrade testing.

h) Budget/Finance – Rinne/Gerhard

The first meeting for this group will take place tomorrow and will discuss several issues, including the budget transfer workflow.

Also, gearing up for the PeopleSoft upgrade. This upgrade is a requirement for other projects like the implementation of budget management with the integration of position control. Another project that requires the upgrade is Time and Labor. This project went out to bid about a year ago and ERP was selected, but cannot initiate the work until the upgrade is done.

i) Admissions and Records – Brown-Willis

Waiting for the grant from the state that will allow colleges to send and receive transcripts electronically. This is a statewide initiative. IT will need to be involved in this project. At the moment A&R works with a company that assists with ordering the transcripts, but A&R does all the printing and mailing out of transcripts.

A&R is working with Jesus Chanlatte on testing Progress Probation. Academic Probation is working fine. VC Gerhard suggest putting Jesus in contact with the group of students that will be looking at PASSPORT. Go through AVC Madlock in order to establish communication between the students and Jesus.

A&R is also setting up appointments for Spring 2013.

j) Institutional Effectiveness/BI Tool – Orkin

There are several FootPrints tickets that need to be addressed before the upgrade. Educational Services is schedule to meet with AVC Madlock next week to go over these issues.

k) Instructional Faculty – Brown (Report given by Karolyn van Putten)

Not meeting pre-requisites for a class should stop students from registering, but that did not happened this semester. VC Ng would like for there to be two pieces: one should look at pre-requisites and another should look at milestones.

Another issue is that students who responsibly dropped themselves from classes are not being dropped until instructors turn in their rosters. This causes students to miss the deadline for receiving a full refund. Joyce Brown-Willis asked for examples of this issue to be sent to her in order to research further.



III. Review of Issues Log



Need to get the full Issues Log and need to prioritize it. We might also need to revisit the process on how issues are added/deleted from the log.

AVC Madlock found a report that is being generated through FootPrints and was set up by Tony Hale. If PRT agrees we can use this list and use FootPrints to add new issues and remove issues that have been resolved.



IV. Other


Issues from Merritt College Tech Committee

AVC Madlock met with the Technology Committee from Merritt College and they had several questions that he would like to share with PRT and get some input:

1. Where does Distance Education (online, hybrid courses and advisement) fit with PROMT?

Distance Education is separate from PROMT. Students need to be authenticated in Moodle by using their PASSPORT credentials, but Moodle is not integrated with PROMT.

2. Where are we with the Student Administration screens with PROMT, i.e. “My Faculty Center”, specifically the uploading of final grade and attendance rosters, student email system for each instructor’s classes?

All these are in “My Faculty Center.” Faculty also receives their grade and attendance rosters and student emails. The only reason a faculty member does not have access to “My Faculty Center” is if they have not been set up in the system.

3. Why are we getting different information in the Financial Services screens, i.e. Budget Commitment and Overview; we are not seeing the same data consistently.

AVC Madlock will have to discuss this with Kyu Lee and Finance.

4. Why can’t manager see the exact schedule that is inputted by each college Program Specialist? The Query Viewer is inconsistent, why?

The schedule is not done with a query.


PRT Website

All agendas and minutes will be posted on the PRT website, as well as the issues log.









Next meeting:

November 19, 2012, 3:00 pm – 5:00pm

District Office Board Room



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