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PeopleSoft Resolution Team Meeting Minutes

19 November 2012

Chair: Calvin Madlock

Present: Karolyn van Putten, Joseph Beilanski, David Betts, Hannah Chauvet, Michael Orkin, Sriram Batpineni, Anita Black, Jacob Ng, Gary Nicholes, Dominique Benavides, Jo Ann Phillips, Joyce Brown-Willis, Connie Willis, Chengwai Chum, Teresa Chan, Kyu Lee.

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Meeting Called to Order:

3:10 PM (Minutes from last minutes not available for approval)



I. Update on PeopleSoft Projects


a) Upgrade PeopleSoft (v9.0) Project – had “Kick-off”, talked about timelines; decision to implement v9.0 then v9.1 in order to manage the complexity of the product. We are on schedule to meet the March-April time frame; we should have the project plan by the next PRT meeting; testers will be needed in mid-January.

A “Play Area” for v9.0 with Peralta data has been set up to give users an idea of the new version’s functionality. Some customization might work and some might not. Anyone wanting to try this out should email:

Whatever changes are made in the “Play Area” will not persist or be carried over into the live production system.





b) Financial Aid/SAFE Web – SAFE Web is no longer being considered; PowerFate is being considered; PeopleSoft Financial Aid software used at Los Rios, Long Beach, Cerritos

is being evaluated; Everge is also being considered. Oracle is going to do a “Road Show” of their Financial Aid module and of some other modules before the Christmas break. The amount of customization requiring programming staff is an important consideration. We will decide on the Software by February 2013.




c)Time and Labor Distribution – New module that needs v9.1 before project can start. Absence management is a module within this module. Time & Labor is related to payroll and finance; Absence Management deals with sick leave etc. and is related to HR. Both modules should be implemented simultaneously.

We own 114 PeopleSoft modules and have implement 65 or 57% of the total.





d) PeopleSoft Data Warehouse for Financial Services – OBIEE (Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition)

EPM (Enterprise Performance Management)

In the first phase, we built into EPM the data warehouse for Financial Services and now we are now making sure that the reports from EPM can be used by Financial Services.

The product has already been purchased.


We want to make sure that the financial analyst gets the requirements from Financial Services about the kind of reports they need. to give to Tony.



e) Electronic Workflow for Budget Transfers – We had to customize the current workflow to comply with regulations; we are having training sessions with District and College staff who do Budget Transfers. Target date maybe one week after Thanksgiving break.





f) Electronic Personnel Action Forms – We’re done. HR is very happy with this. This is not a PeopleSoft module and sometime in the future it will have to be integrated with PeopleSoft.





g) Document Management System – This system would provide imaging of documents in specific departments such as A&R, purchasing, general services, financial aid, etc.. This works well at Diablo Valley College. Three vendors are going to be presenting their products; LaserFish, RSCA and another one?? on 11-28-12. When the bid winner is determined then we will talk about when to start implementation. Incoming student transcripts can be scanned and integrated into the Academic Advising System.


Dr. Ng will send someone to join the vendor evaluation team to make sure that their systems will work for the financial aid services.



h) Progress Probations Holds and Prerequisite Drops

Dr. Ng brought up some additional functionality that is needed by Admissions and Records:

Progress Probations Holds

Prerequisite Drops

these two functional areas are very important and need to be addressed ASAP. The target dates are way past, we needed this functionality before priority registration for the Fall. Now we need it before January.


We need a timeline for testing this functionality.



i) Residency Verification – This Passport and CCC-Apply functionality needs to be looked at and implemented. Dr. Ng mentioned that currently we have no way to verify residency of students who apply online. This has legal ramification because of AB540, currently there is no document verification; this has  become an audit finding. There may not be an IT solution but we need to redefine our business processes to deal with it.


How are the other 90+ community colleges who use CCC-Apply verifying residency? This needs to be researched.



j) Priority Enrollment – Dr. Ng mentioned that we need a way of checking for both progress probation and academic “good standing” in order to use that information to determine whether students get Priority Registration.


Adding “good standing” as a criteria for priority registration needs to be implemented.




Since we are about to upgrade to v9.0, we will have to have a “Code Freeze”, which means no further customization of the system until the version upgrade is implemented and tested. We will have to balance between the upgrade and the emergency fixes that have to occur before January





a) Google Cloud Email Project – Kick off meeting will be 11-29-12; this is for students, staff, faculty, everybody. With Google we will save money on servers and on Exchange. Students want to be involved in the beta testing, and the marketing. The IT department feels that this Google Cloud email has sufficient built-in security for faculty-student interactions.





b)PeopleSoft Modules (not yet rolled out) – Oracle is more willing to help us implement some of the modules that we own but are not yet using, such as Campus Community and Roll/Grade Book. They are willing, as mentioned above in section I-b, to put on a demonstration for this group sometime in early December. Each person can come to the specific time when their relevant module is being discussed.


The roll book and the attendance book are legal documents and are absolutely necessary.




c)Yearly Tax Updates (W2 & 1099) programming/process – Ten upgrades need to be done before mid-January; if this is not completed, there are significant IRS tax penalties for the District




II. Report out from Committees


a) Financial Aid –  Dr. Ng reported that we are using SARS to schedule student appointments in financial aid and counseling. We need help from IT to implement and interface this system.

Dr. Bielanski urged for involvement of representatives from all levels of counseling faculty in this implementation. He urged Dr. Ng to speak directly with chairs of the counseling department from all colleges.

SARS is fully implemented and all four colleges use it in counseling, orientation and assessment. It is now being expanded to include financial aid.





b) Counseling – Joseph Bielanski explained that when the teams were first put together, the goal was for an administrator to lead each team and to then report to this group about requirements and priorities. Since the retirement of Kerry Compton, this process has broken down and this semester the counseling team did not meet. There is a list of eleven (11) issues which have been prioritized by the Counseling Functionality Team.

The person to replace Kerry should be someone who actively counsels students on a day to day basis and not someone who is mostly involved in administrative duties.


Any meeting about counseling issues must include all four counseling chairs and all four matriculation coordinators as well as Vice-Presidents of instruction.

Brenda Johnson, BCC Dean of Student Services, was suggested as a possible coordinator.

The most updated version of the CFT Priorities will be sent to all group members.




c) Human Resources –  David Betts mentioned that most issues pertaining to HR have already been covered earlier in this meeting, we looking forward to v9.1 implementation and being able to move forward with Absence Management and Time and Labor in order to track accumulation of hours to be in compliance with SEIU. Currently this is done by hand. ePATH is going well but some suggestions for improvement have been identified. The HR website now has much more complete information, i.e., job descriptions, hiring procedures and policies.





d) Matriculation – Dr. Ng is very concerned with the ability of the present system to deal with Priority Enrollment criteria. He will call a meeting that includes counseling faculty to discuss the prioritized issues brought up earlier by Joseph.




e) Schedulers –  Sheryl Queen is absent so not report is available.





f) Student Finance – Connie Willis reports that group has not met since the last PRT meeting. Individual meetings have been held to deal with AC-Transit pass issues and Bursar issues. Also work is going on with the No-Pay Drop process; students who do not pay will be dropped 2 weeks before classes start. The Easy-Pass Card can now be sent to the school where the student’s picture was taken.





g) Student Representation – Students want financial aid on time and also want to make sure that Passport is available during times of peak demand and they want a reliable email system. Student want to be part of the testing of the new Google email system. The student group had representative from all four schools and had survey data on how many students actually used their Peralta emails.





h) Budget/Finance – Ron Gerhard reported that training was provided for colleges to do their own posting and budget transfers for discretionary object codes. The actual use of this by the colleges should occur during the Spring semester. Most of our projects are waiting to get through the upgrade hurdle.





i) Admissions and Records – Joyce Brown-Willis reported that if the Prerequisite-Drop process is not implemented before the upgrade then it will have to be done manually. We are implementing electronic transcripts with funding from a grant to all four colleges. We will be able to both receive and send electronic transcripts as PDF files.





j) Institutional Effectiveness/BI Tool – Michael Orkin we are in the middle of implementing the upgrade; we are waiting for the security portion to be finished by the consultant.





k.) Instructional Faculty – Tamika Brown had to leave early. On November 30 at Laney and on December 4 at Merritt, there will be training sessions for Prompt and Outlook and also the introduction to the later use of Google email.








III. Review of Issues Log



a) FootPrints Issue Log Report – Did not get updated for this meeting. TVA?? button was fixed

High School code – data issue

De-activated students

Orphan classes





b) Issues to completed prior to upgrade to 9.0





c) Code Freeze – When you are integrating a new upgrade to a system at some point you have to stop developing new code, because you can’t develop and test code in two places – in the old system and in the new system.

Code Freeze will begin on November 26, 2012. Anything fixed after this date will have to be developed and tested twice.

Four or five months seems a long time for a “Code Freeze” but some systems may require longer.



Trying to test things twice with limited resources is difficult but we will be flexible for priority items.



IV. Other








Next meeting:

Will be rescheduled according to room availability.





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