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PeopleSoft Resolution Team Meeting Minutes

28 January 2013

Chair: Calvin Madlock

Present: David Betts, Joseph Bielanski, Anita Black, Tamika Brown, Joyce Brown-Willis, Bhushan Kumar, Gary Nicholes, Mike Orkin, Sheryl Queen, Codie Pelletier, Jo Ann Phillips, Karolyn van Putten

Agenda Item and Presenter(s)


Follow-up Action



Meeting Called to Order:


3:05 pm

Minutes from October 2012 and November 2012 meetings were approved unanimously.   



I. Update on PeopleSoft Projects









a) Upgrade PeopleSoft (v9.0) Project

IT staff with the assistance of Oracle is doing retrofit testing. AVC Madlock thanked all the users that have made themselves available to assist the IT department.


The next steps are integration and portal testing. Bhushan Kumar is the lead for the PS upgrade testing. We no longer are using a consultant for this role.


Jesus Chanlatte is the project manager for the PS upgrade as a whole and everyone in the IT Department is part of the upgrade. Issues of IT staff not being available for assistance to everyday matters were brought up to AVC Madlock and he explained that this is not the correct tone and that he has made arrangements for this not happen again.


The portal is being rebuilt to make sure it can be maintained effectively. We will also need to test everything that interfaces with PS (Higher One, Pro-rata, CCCApply, etc.)


Memorial Day weekend or the weekend after that are some of the dates being taken into consideration for implementation targets. The system will need to be down from Thursday night until Monday morning.


Sheryl Queen mentioned that Spring semester ends May 24 and grades are due the first week in June and this might be affected if the go-live date is scheduled for Memorial Day weekend.


b) Oracle Executive Presentations and Product Demonstrations

AVC Madlock has arranged for Oracle to team up with Peralta to give an overview on where they are headed with their products and what they can do for us.


Oracle will be conducting high-level presentations for managers and product demonstrations for end users. An email has been sent to college and district administrators inviting to the presentations and asking them to identify end-users that will benefit from the demos.


Karolyn van Putten asked for college presidents to share this information with their college counsels.


Another request is for these demos to be recorded, as morning is a very difficult time for faculty to attend.


c) Financial Aid/SAFE Web

The implementation of the PS Financial Aid module will go out to bid. AVC Madlock and Gary Nicholes will meet to put together the RFP for the bid.


The bid is for implementing PS Financial Aid 9.0.



d) Time and Labor Distribution

This project will part of the upgrade to 9.1, which will take place 3 to 6 months after the 9.0 upgrade.


e) PeopleSoft Data Warehouse for Financial Services

IT will need assistance to do the data extract of the ETL (extract, transform, and load) process.


There were questions regarding the differences in the layouts of BI and PS and whether or not the BI layout can be modified to look user-friendlier. Jo Ann Phillips explained that this could be done after the reports are created.


The BI tool is managed by Educational Services and all request need to be addressed to VC Orkin.



f) Electronic Workflow for Budget Transfers

This project has been implemented, but managers are Merritt College did not have access to approve transfers. AVC Madlock will address this with Kyu Lee and Susan Rinne.


g) Electronic Personnel Action Forms

This project has been implemented. Now we need to figure out who will be responsible for maintaining this system, since the contract with the vendor has ended.


HR can find funds to extend the contract with the consultant, but need to think about long-term support for this application from the IT Department. Need to find someone with the set skills (the language used for this program in Visual Basic).


h) Document Management System

This is the Electronic Content Management (ECM) project and Admissions and Records, Purchasing, and General Services will use it.


Perspectives was selected as the vendor and the SOW has been completed. The SOW and contract will go the February 22 Board Meeting. Implementation will start after Board approval.


Admissions and Records has priority in this project. Each department will be responsible for conducting their own scanning.


Gary Nicholes mentioned that some departments are planning on purchasing scanners and it will be good to get specifications from Perspectives as to what will work with their system.



a) Google Cloud Email:

Karolyn van Putten got some feedback from a student regarding the name of this project. Would it be beneficial to rename this Google Project?


VC Orkin does not agree since this is more about switching over the email format.


AVC Madlock explained that even though we are getting the features that come with Google for Education; the primary function of this project is email and calendar. He does not want to get ‘scope creep’ and would like to focus on the email part.


This project is held up due to lack of resources (IT staff).


b) Yearly Tax Update (W2 and 1099) Programming/Process:

All 2012 updates have been applied to production and the first 2013 updates have also been applied to production.




Joyce Brown-Willis thanked AVC Madlock and IT on behalf of Admissions and Records, as they were very appreciative that the system didn’t go down during the first day of classes. AVC Madlock mentioned that IT was fully aware of the start of classes and staff was monitoring server activity. Now we have data in order to be alerted about peak times of service.


AVC Madlock announced that IT will have a Project Manager and how this is a great accomplishment for Peralta. This role will assist in keeping all projects on track. AVC Madlock will be sharing with this group the staffing plan he has proposed to VC Gerhard and the Chancellor.


David Betts has seen the plan and more people are being added to the IT Department. There are so many needs across the colleges and the district office that it will take time for all requested positions to be filled.




II. Report out from Committees


a) Financial Aid – Nicholes

Financial Aid is having a problem with security issues and PS. Gary Nicholes would like to request if it is possible to mimic a profile in order to get all that access that is needed. Bhushan will create a ‘view’ profile.


Students’ GPA without SS# will be submitted to the State (as per Dream Act) by March 2, 2013, Gopaal is working on this request. Students with SS# have already been submitted.



b) Counseling – Steve Pantell/Adrienne Riley  (Sheryl Queen reported)

This group met in December 2012 and the next meeting is scheduled for March 2013. AVC Madlock would like to attend this meeting to get participation from this group at PRT.


c) Human Resources – Betts

Looking forward to the deployment of Time and Labor, and Absence Management modules in the PS upgrade.


Need to have an automated process for terminating employment records of PT faculty who have been inactive for a time period to be determined.


d) Matriculation – Ng (Sheryl Queen reported)

No Report. Next meeting is scheduled for March 1, 2013


e) Schedulers – Queen

Will be meeting at the end of February. AVC Madlock would like to attend this meeting.


f) Student Finance – Willis

Connie Willis no longer works for the District. Need to find who will represent Student Finance at PRT.


g) Student Services – Gravenberg

No report. AVC Madlock will set up a meeting with VP Gravenberg.


h) Budget/Finance – Rinne/Gerhard

No report.


i) Admissions and Records – Brown-Willis

Admissions and Records will be doing batch term activation and will be sending registration appointment to students.


750,000 students that were active in the system have been discontinued. This will help with batch term activation. There have been glitches with students who were deactivated by mistake and Joyce has been working these case by case.


A&R is supposed to be working with Jesus on Progress Probation, but he has been caught up with the PS upgrade. Testing was supposed to take place, but there is a portion that involves service indicators that needs to be fixed. Joyce needs to go back into CCCApply in order to see what the students are marking in the residency area.


AVC Madlock mentioned that there is a CCCApply seminar coming up. Peralta needs to attend in order to get information that we will need to ensure CCCApply works correctly.


AVC Madlock brought up the issues of students loosing their spot on the waiting list (being moved from spot# 1 to #9). Sheryl explained that this happens when the student tries to register for the same class or for a different section of the same class.


Another issue is students who place classes in their shopping cart and forget to add them. Joyce has to email them to let them know they have not completed their registration.


j) Institutional Effectiveness/BI Tool – Orkin

No report. BI is working fine.


k) Instructional Faculty – Brown

Faculty would like to be able to download add numbers by selecting more than one. Also, is there a way to submit attachments when emailing students in PASSPORT? Sheryl will check to see if this is delivered in 9.0, otherwise it will have to be a customization.


Tamika thanked IT for maintaining/updating the Staff Development site. Karolyn asked if it could be up for more than just the beginning of the semester? Tamika will work with Frank Chez, he is the IT staff supporting it.



III. Review of Issues Log


Not all of the issues have been solved, but we’ve done the ones we said we were going to get down before the upgrade.



IV. Other


AVC Madlock made the executive decision to move some email accounts, when he found out issues with email backup.









Next meeting:

February 25, 2013, 3:00 pm – 5:00pm

District Office Board Room



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