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The principle objective of the Purchasing Department is to purchase quality goods and services for the Peralta Community College District (PCCD) and to maximize the purchasing value of public funds.  All purchases made by PCCD require a Purchase Order issued (prior to the purchase) to the Vendor.  Phone orders are not valid unless prior authorization is issued by the Director of Purchasing or Buyer.  Vendors accepting a phone order without proper approval may be subject to non-payment of their invoice.

All Purchases must be shipped to the District Warehouse located at 501 Fifth Avenue Oakland, CA 94606.  Any exceptions will be noted on the Purchase Order.

Purchasing Functions

  • Provide centralized purchasing operations for the District.
  • Obtains all goods and supplies in accordance with law and board policy.
  • Guarantee fairness in the selection of vendors.
  • Conduct formal competitive bids.

Warehouse Functions

  • Provide centralized receiving (and shipping) for all goods.
  • Delivers all goods to the Colleges.


Below is a summary of Peralta’s Purchasing Regulations for the procurement of Goods & Services.

Goods and Services

Purchases of less than $10,000 –  Only one (1) quotation is required for purchases under $10,000.00; however, if the purchase is over $2,500.00 the quote must be in writing. Such items may be purchased from any vendor offering the required goods or services at a reasonable price.   Examples of reasonable price are: items purchased based on vendor’s catalog prices, or based on a comparison of vendor’s price lists; or items purchased based on historical price data, or based on prior bid solicitations.

The solicitor of the quotation (or the Business Office) must forward the quotation along with an approved Purchase Requisition to the District Purchasing Office for the issuance of a Purchase Order.

Purchases between $10,000.01 and $92,400 (or as adjusted annually by Price Deflation Index) – Informal competitive bidding is required. Informal competitive bidding requires that the department obtain three (3) written bids/price quotations specifically describing the goods and their prices. The bids/price quotations may be obtained either on a Quotation Request Form or on the vendor’s letterhead stationery. In either case, the bid must be written in ink and signed by an authorized representative of the vendor.

The bids/price quotations must be summarized on a bid recapitulation (Recap) sheet. The solicitor of bids must sign the Recap sheet, generate a requisition, and forward the bids and the Recap sheet for approval by the Department Head/Business Office. Subsequently, the Department Head/Business Office should forward the quotes, Recap sheet, and Requisition to the District Purchasing Office for the issuance of a Purchase Order. If the department receives fewer than three bids within ten working days of the solicitation, a department staffer may proceed with the purchasing process and determine if the prices submitted are reasonable. If three prices are not obtained, an explanation must be provided on the bid-recapitulation sheet.

Purchases over $92,400 (or as adjusted annually by Price Deflation Index) – Formal bidding is required. Formal bidding requires that the department write specifications describing the needed goods or services. The requestor will supply District Purchasing with detailed specifications and approved requisitions. The specifications are reviewed by Purchasing to ensure that the specifications are complete and in the proper form.  Specifications should be prepared as objectively as possible so that the advantage provided to any particular vendor is based on the appropriateness of that vendor’s product. The contract must be awarded to the lowest responsive, responsible bidder or the District must reject all bids. (Public Contract Code Section 20651).

Purchases exceeding $92,400.00 (or as adjusted annually by Price Deflation Index) during a fiscal year, must be approved by the board. The board report must include the reason for the purchase, a brief description of the procedure used to select the vendor, a description of the goods being purchased, the purchase price and the names of the vendors who submitted bids



PURCHASING VENDOR APPLICATION: To apply to become a registered vendor, download Vendor application below and forward originals to the purchasing department for processing. 501 5th Avenue, Oakland, CA  94606 Phone:  (510) 466-7225 Fax:  (510) 587- 7873


For more detailed information please click on “Documents” in the Quick launch section to view the District’s Purchasing Procedure and forms.

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