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SSSP Committee

Meeting Information 

The Student Success and Support Program Committee is a subcommittee of the District Education Committee.  The committee meets on the first Friday of each month in the District Board room. The SSSP Committee has a Working Group that meets weekly to address the implementation of the SB1456 mandates. The SSSP Committee includes representatives from each college; the membership resembles that of the previous Matriculation Committee.


Membership of the SSSP Committee:

AVC Student Services &Registrar (1)

SSSP Coordinators (4)*

VP Student Services (1)

VP Instruction (1)

Dean (1)

Counseling Faculty (4)*

Instructional Faculty (4)* [should include MATH, ENGL & ESL]

Student Representative (1)

Assessment Coordinators (4)*

District Staff (3)  [Ed Svcs, IT, and Research & Planning]

District Admissions & Records Officer (1)

* one from each campus

  • Student Success & Support Program

    Tuesday 6 June 2023
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