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SDO Newsletter: W, 2/20/2019

20 February 2019

Hello Peralta,

If you haven’t heard, the state-wide initiatives around Guided Pathways and AB705 are under full swing at each of our colleges. There are resources available through a variety of online resources to learn more. For instance, through the Vision Resource Center, here are two one-page examples of how colleges approached the adoption of meta-majors: Skyline College and Mt. San Antonio , and thanks to Mary Shaughnessy, a number of us gathered at the Laney Forum to watch a Guided Pathways webinar today on Onboarding.

On to the rest of the Staff Development Office news!

Reporting Staff Development Hours (FT Faculty)

Status tracker: 5 full-time faculty reporting thus far.

This reporting took is for Full-Time/Contract Faculty ONLY. Please complete this beta-survey as the Staff Development Office builds appropriate tracking and reporting tools to celebrate and support our work:
Events and Training Opportunities
  • AB 705 Data Revision Project Regional Meeting: Tu., 3/5/19, Skyline.
  • Guided Pathways webinars including “Student Support, Staying on the Path. What Does It Look Like? (Register Now, 2/27/19, 12 – 1 p.m.). If you’d like to set up post-meeting Zoom-based discussions, let me know! 
  • Leadership Community of Practice (LCoP) by 3CSN: Infusing Growth Mindset and Habits of Mind into College Change Initiatives. Application Due Mar. 1:
  • In the only conference that I know made by and for part-time faculty, USF is hosting an Adjunct Rhetoric Conference, which also includes workshops useful for people through all disciplines. Mar. 3, 9-4. RSVP by 2/22/19. (fr. Sabrina Nelson)

  • 3CSN’s Regional Sharing Summit for cross-functional teams that will look into AB705, Guided Pathways, and College Promise implementation. Fri., Apr 12RSVP link.
  • Reading Apprenticeship Conference: “Literacy at the Heart of Institutional Change.” Fri., May 3 – Sat., May 4: RSVP Link.
Articles and Resources
Professional Development Funding
  • Faculty and staff can apply for professional development funding through your college PD committees! Contact them for more information on the application process.

One last note:

During the first week of class this term, my students were building our class norms when we had an interesting discussion about how the varying levels of “status” in the class changes how well groups perform. In that same two week period, a Reading Apprenticeship colleague mentioned a book on “Complex Instruction,” which is also an area of study at Stanford. The approach is really about how to get a diverse group of students (and people) to work together equitably even when there are differences in abilities, power, and status. Interesting stuff for the classroom, and perhaps even more relevant for our work with each other.


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