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Academy of College Excellent (ACE) Training at BCC! (June 4 – 8, 2018)

6 March 2018

The PERSIST Program, Berkeley City College and the Academy for College Excellence (ACE) would like to invite you to a unique professional development opportunity – Five-Day Experiential Learning Institute (FELI), to be held:

June 4-8

8:30 am – 5 pm

Teaching and Learning Center,  Rm 341

Berkeley City College

Breakfast and Lunch Provided

FELI is a five-day transformative learning experience that mirrors the ACE Foundations Course used by the PERSIST and Umoja learning communities at the beginning of each college bridge semester.  Teachers, counselors and administrators experience an essential component of the program as an educationally disadvantaged student does.

Using curriculum developed by the nationally renowned Academy for College Excellence, we will identify and explore:

•         Leadership and Learning Styles of ourselves and others

•         Positive Team Building

•         Listening  techniques toward effective communication

•         Reflection toward self-management of behaviors

•         Faculty-specific discussion about teaching and learning in the evolving classroom

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This  link to the Academy for College Excellence (ACE) website provides more on this game-changing experience:
The Academy for College Excellence (ACE) is a one-semester program that bridges developmental education students successfully into community college.
The ACE Experiential Learning Institute (FELI) is five-day professional development experience designed for community college faculty, staff, and administrators.

Who this may benefit most:

BCC faculty and staff

– who work with basic skills students, especially in key “gateway” classes;

– who wish to better support our most challenged students as they pass

through our programs and disciplines;

– who understand that life experiences (students and our own) make the

difference in just educational access.


We have found that students who come in at basic skills level need to learn or relearn the life skills necessary to access knowledge in the college culture.  Since 2010, BCC has been using ACE- based curriculum, and  students who have had this experience have:

•         shown multi-semester persistence;

•         completed transfer-level classes sooner than their peers;

•         become diligent, focused agents of their own change;

•         taken charge of their own educational goals.

Please join us in the continuing effort to help our students achieve the educational access they deserve.



Chris Lebo-Planas
PERSIST Coordinator
English Instructor
Berkeley City College

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