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Spring 2020 Staff Development Office Survey

11 May 2020

Every spring, the Staff Development Office conducts a survey to better understand the professional development interests and needs of the Peralta community. Here’s the results from the Spring 2020 survey:

Spring 2020 Staff Development Office Survey Results

A few highlights:

(with 108 reports…)

  • Unsurprisingly, the highest area of interest is in online/hybrid teaching and learning.
  • With 108 people responding thus far, 73% wanted to learn via online modules (independent and self directed) and 68% at flex days.
  • In the area of workplace professional development, the highest interest was in office technology (Office365, Zoom, etc.) with 70% wanting this content delivered on flex day and 65% through independent modules.


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Spring 2020 Staff Development Office Newsletters

27 January 2020

Please see the latest Staff Development Office newsletters for the Spring 2020 year:

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Staff Development Office Newsletters: Announcements before Spring 2020

8 January 2020

In order to publicize the workshops, presenters, and meetings at Peralta Community College District’s flex day at Merritt College, these bulletins were sent out:

  1. Tuesday, January 7, 2020
  2. Thursday, January 9, 2020
  3. Tuesday, January 14, 2020

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Spring 2020: Pre-Semester Flex Days

6 January 2020

District Flex Day

Thursday, January 16, 2020, 8:30 am – 5:00 pm.

Merritt College


College Flex Days

Friday, January 17, 2020


Berkeley City College

College of Alameda

Laney College

Merritt College

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Staff Development Office Newsletter: T, 10/29/19

29 October 2019


Hello Peralta, 

Last Tuesday, college Professional Development Committees and the District Offices held activities for all employees, including a Puente workshop at BCC on students’ multiple identities, faculty-led presentations on guided pathways and study-abroad programs at COA, curriculum and travel-form workshops at Merritt, and movement-based activities at Laney, including a drone demonstration and Zumba! If you have photos, please send them along to share.

First ​BCC Flex Day in the Atrium.
2) Merritt Curriculum Workshop.

Want to Propose a Workshop?

Even though we’re still a few months away, please consider proposing workshops and topics for upcoming flex days at your college and the district. We’re always looking for presenters and ideas, continued work from communities of practice, and ways to improve our well-being and morale! Please email


Teaching Tips: 

On Friday, October 18th, Trish Nelson (English, COA) led the workshop, “Transforming Learning Modules You Like into Models You Love” that included an excellent (and rapid) protocol to reflect on teaching with a partner teacher. This Reading Apprenticeship workshop used an easy template to design a course or unit that would meet learning goals in these areas: content, literacy, metacognition, social/personal, cognitive, knowledge-building, assessment. Here’s the framework, which can be applied to courses across the disciplines.


Staff Development Office Hours

Thursday, October 31st, HALLOWEEN, 12:15 – 1:15 pm 
Open Educational Resources:  
How can I use OER materials to make learning more affordable (and equitable)?
Did you know that in Spring 2019, OER adoptions were projected to save our students over $500k? Learn more about how to research, review, and select OER materials.
Phone +1 646 876 9923
 Meeting ID: 210 466 2570

Two Weeks Ago: Laney’s Lavender Project website and Webinar video link.


Peralta Events

Online Teaching Workshops

Presenter: Chelsea Cohen, Laney’s Distance Education Coordinator
Have Fun with Video, 12/6, 12 – 1. Workshop Descriptions. Online:

Basic Needs Summit Laney College

presented by the Community College League of CA with Laney College. Friday, 12/6/19.
“More than ever before, our colleges are seeking innovative solutions and best practices to address basic needs insecurity among our students.”


Outside Events, Conferences, and Workshops

NCORE Webinar Series

National Conference on Race and Ethnicity in American Higher Education. Topics Include: (10/30/19) Keeping the Dream Alive: A College-Wide Approach to Embracing DREAMers (11/20/19) Race, Immigration, and Fake News, and more.

“Finding Our Way to Equity: Facilitating Embodied Action for Social Justice”

F, 11/1 – Sa, 11/2. Registration. NorCal Equity Institute 2.0

Managing Stress Workshop

Tu, 11/5, 10 am – 12 noon. District Boardroom, Office of Human Resources

CCCTechConnect:Free Online Services for Meeting, Teaching, and Learning

F, 11/15, 12 noon. Online Registration.


Staff Development Office Hours

Thursdays, 12:15 pm Fall 2019 Schedule and Past Sessions

This Week: Open Educational Resources

In a presentation last spring, Peralta’s OER Community of Practice shared the impact of OER adoption in Fall 2018: 84 sections, 2665 students, $358,676 saved. They projected that with increased adoptions, students would save over $500k. If you’re interested in learning how to research and adopt high-quality materials and resources for your classes, please join us! You’ll also learn how to apply for a stipend to research texts that you might adopt. Presenter: Andrew Park (Physics, COA).



Staff Development Resources:

  • Past Staff Development Office Newsletters
  • Faculty Column Advancement News: 
    • @ONE graduate-level continuing education courses APPROVED. Now, if faculty take @ONE courses, pay to receive official transcripts, they can turn in these completed courses transcripts to the appropriate HR staff member to have those credits apply to column advancement without prior approval. 
  • Faculty Evaluations
  • Flex Day Schedule for Fall 2019 – Spring 2020 Academic Year 
    • Spring 2020
      • Thursday, January 16, 2020 — District Flex
      • Friday, January 17, 2010 — College Flex
      • Thursday, March 19, 2020 — College Flex


What I’ve been reading, seeing, and hearing …

  • AB705 Reports: For those following the state-wide implementation of AB705, which asks CCCs to remove remedial math and English sequences to address equity and improve students’ rate of transfer, this article summarizes findings from these reports, two by PPIC (Report 1 and Report 2) and one from the RP Group
  • While I’m wary of the use of the term “High-Impact”, a few workshops listed in the High-Impact Practices in the States conference guide piqued my interest, including “Improving Retention for First-Year Students,” “Cultivating Student Scholars Through Identity Development,” and “Cafeteria Style Grading.”
  • Here’s a photo from an interactive performance during the 2nd Annual Solidarity in Mental Health Summit, Incarceration and Community sponsored by BCC’s Wellness Center:

Suggestions for topics, articles, and anything else are always welcome!

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College and District Office Flex Days (Tu, 10/22/19)

23 October 2019

This fall was the first time that district 0ffice classified professionals organized their own professional development activities with hopefully many more to come. 
Here are the agendas and other support materials from all of the flex activities on Tuesday, October 22, 2019:

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District Professional Development Day Agenda (Tu, 10/22/19)

15 October 2019

The Flex Day Schedule is below:

8:00-8:30 Breakfast (atrium/ boardroom)

8:30-8:35 PD Committee Welcome

8:35- 8:55 Administrator Address by Dr. Siri Brown

8:55- 9:10 Campus Shield brief and download request – Lt. Verbeck and Carrie Burdick

Breakout sessions (Boardroom/atrium/ DGS #1/ IT Conference rooms-tbd)


Let’s Talk with Lt. Verbeck

Self-Care Steps to Address Challenging Situations with Nichelle Kitt, MSW – DaVita

10:15- 11:00

Queries with Nick Shere

The Importance of Classified Senates in Shared Governance with PCCD Classified Senate Leaders

11:15- 12:00 (Lunch Served in session)

Intro to Risk Management-Safety with Carrie Burdick

2020 Census and Voting Engagement- Why it matters with Liz Ortega-Toro, Executive Secretary-Treasurer – Alameda Labor Council

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Fall 2019 District Flex Days

13 August 2019

Hello Peralta,
We’ll be kicking off the new academic year at the College of Alameda (Building F). Please be sure to let your colleagues know to make their way through the tunnel!
Please make changes to your RSVP if necessary. Thanks!​
Lunch will be served in the discipline and area meetings.

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Spring 2019: College Midterm Flex Day Agendas

18 March 2019

Hello Peralta,

Here are the college midterm flex agendas:

Berkeley City College

College of Alameda

Laney College

Merritt College

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Professional Development Newsletter and District Flex Day Debrief (Th, 1/24/19)

24 January 2019

Hello Peralta,

I hope the start of your spring term is going well!  If you haven’t already done so, please fill out this Spring 2019 Flex Day Evaluation for the District’s Professional Development day on Thursday, 1/17/19.

(workshops: Classified Leadership, Community Events, and Reading Apprenticeship)

Thank you to all those who attended and participated in the District Flex on Thursday or your college flex days on Friday. According to the morning sign-ins at the Laney Theater, we had nearly 200 people in the Theater with half from Laney and the rest divided between the three other colleges and the district offices. Almost 100 of the attendees were full-time faculty with part-time faculty, classified professionals, and administrators, and by lunchtime, a number of others arrived just in time for our late morning workshops or lunchtime discipline and area meetings.

Here are a few links if you’d like to dive-in:

If you have any additional materials from these workshops or presentations, please send them to me to post on our website!

Articles, Events, and Links

Column Advancement
  • Finished with Course?: If you have completed courses that you would like to apply toward column advancement, you MUST turn in those transcripts to HR by the end of the 4th week of instruction in order to have those changes included in this term’s pay checks. Please do it sooner if possible.
  • Undergraduate Courses: If you are taking undergraduate classes and you would like to apply those to column advancement (no more than 20 units), you must submit this form (download: Column Advancement Request) to It will take up to 1-month for a response.
Planning for Future PD
  • Don’t forget that you can apply for professional development funding through your college committees, propose workshops or activities for the mid-semester flex days (Th., 3/21/19), and work with your departments through program review to make plans for future professional development. AND, if you’d like to propose an online Staff Development Office Hour discussion, don’t hesitate to contact me at

Have a great spring term!


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