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Communities of Practice (CoPs): A Quick Primer

21 August 2018

In Fall 2018, the District Flex Day showcased a few of the many Communities of Practice already working in Peralta, including a cross-district math group, Open Educational Resources, and early-stage groups focused on learning communities and creating trauma-informed institutions.

Articles on CoPs:

  • “Community of Practice Design Guide” — This short primer provides a framework for understanding why such groups work and why they’re important for building institutional capacity. The first, all-important stage is building relationships.
  • “Introduction to Communities of Practice: A Brief Overview of the Concept and Its Uses” — Another overview from a small consulting firm about CoPs that “engage in a practice of learning.”
  • Skyline College’s Communities of Practice — A community college across the Bay is using CoPs as one of their strategies for achieving equity and has some interesting examples, including: Social Justice and Sustainability, Service Learning, Transformative Pedagogy and Practices, and Hybrid and Online Learning.
  • If you have other resources, questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to send them to

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