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Sabbatical Awardees: Spring 2019

30 April 2019

On April 9, 2019, the Board of Trustees approved the following sabbaticals that had been reviewed and selected by each college’s Professional Development committee:

Sabbatical Awarded to College Discipline Proposal Scope of Work
Alicia Caballero-Christenson Laney Mexican/Latin American Studies and Ethnic Studies Ancestral Sacred Traditions Create a course on curanderismo, a series of workshops on healing for Laney, and build a study abroad network to study these traditions.
Jackie Graves Laney English Why We Wake Up: A Memoir Complete revision and seek publication of her memoir that shares the near death of her sister, the untangling of family trauma, and their journey of healing.
Scott Hoshida BCC English Research to Propose Changes to PD in Peralta Interview PD practitioners and experts in the field, develop an annotated bibliography of research, and draft and present a proposal for changes to professional development in Peralta
Cora Leighton BCC Communication Harnessing the Power of Mediated Communication to Increase Success in Online Communication Courses Publish a Canvas Database of best practices for online communication courses; revise course outlines to reflect recent pedagogical practices in online communication courses; prepare and schedule a Flex Day Workshop on best practices in online courses that involve or could employ communication activities (in other words any course); outline the needed infrastructure, technology and staffing required to create a Communication Workshop for the future.
Mary Shaughnessy COA Counseling — EOPS Develop Proficiency in Spanish Achieve Spanish proficiency in order to serve COA’s Latinx students and families who are undocumented.
Stefanie Ulrey COA English Create Non-Credit Transition Classes for ESOL and Bilingual Students Research transition programs for ESOL and bilingual students, develop non-credit courses for COAs students, and launch three courses upon her return.

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