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Column Advancement Requests

11 September 2018

After being hired, faculty can take courses to move up columns (A – E) for salary or pay rate increase:

Column A = Master’s degree

Column B = 45 credits above a Bachelor’s degree

Column C = + 60 credits or more

Column D = + 75 credits or more

Column E = + 90 credits or more OR Doctorate degree  

*For graduate level courses, submit official transcripts directly to HR for review.  For undergraduate level courses, a maximum of 20 units can be applied to column advancement AND additional approval is required (see form below).  See below for instructions:

Request Form

Please fill out this form to receive approval [Request Courses for Salary Advancement] and list the undergraduate courses you hope to use for salary advancement. Please give adequate time for the processing of the approval.
Pre-Approval: It is HIGHLY recommended that you request prior approval for undergraduate courses, so that you don’t take courses that will not count toward column advancement.

What courses should I take?
Educational Technology Courses (EDT 1 – 6) still need signatures to apply them for column advancement, but are generally approved without hesitation. Other courses will be reviewed by the committee to evaluate how they might apply to the faculty’s work. We do NOT recommend faculty take courses that are in their FSA or courses that repeat content taken at the graduate level.
How many undergraduate units can I apply to column advancement?
A faculty member can apply only 20 units of undergraduate credit for salary advancement (The previous limit was 12).
To whom do I send my official transcripts?
Please send your official transcripts to Peralta’s HR department (c/o Faculty Column Advancement). If HR receives your transcripts within 4 weeks from the beginning of fall or spring terms, and the credits move the faculty from one column to the next, the faculty will receive the increase for that term (though this will take time to process).
Where do I find the official language on column advancement?
PFT Contract, Article 21.F and Appendix A-9. 
What about continuing education courses that are neither undergraduate nor graduate-level?
Currently, we do not have a clear policy about these classes. Please submit a request form to the Staff Development Officer as you would for undergraduate course approval, so that the committee can develop a policy and practice for reviewing these courses.

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