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Staff Development Office Newsletter: T, 9/19/19

19 September 2019

Hello Peralta,
This Thursday (9/19/19)  from 12:15 – 1:15 pm, I’ll lead a workshop: Leading Effective Meetings. The workshop will loosely be based these slides from UCSF (“How to Run an Effective Meeting”) and a training from Community at Work. Please find the zoom link below!

Teaching Tip: Help Students Explore Their Future!
Road Trip Nation gives students a chance to explore life after college by meeting people in different careers. This link asks 3 questions and quickly gives links to real people whose careers match those descriptions ( In addition to the videos, each page has summaries of the person’s life milestones, educational and career paths (including the day-to-day work), and the challenges they have overcome. Here’s the link to an Assistant District Attorney and advocate for criminal justice reform:

Online Teaching Workshops
Presenter: Chelsea Cohen
Laney’s Distance Education Coordinator
How to Teach Online, 9/19, 12 – 1
What is Regular/Effective Contact?, 10/11, 12 – 1
And more!
Save the Date:
Solidarity in Mental Health 
(last year’s video and notice)
10/16, Berkeley City College
Contact: BCC’s Wellness Center, Janine Greer
College and District Office Flex Days
Tuesday, October 22, 2019
Please be on the look out for more information on all 5 events!
presented by the Community College League of CA with Laney College
Currently Seeking Presentation Proposals 
F, 12/6/19
“More than ever before, our colleges are seeking innovative solutions 
and best practices to address basic needs insecurity among our students.”

Other Events, Conferences, and Workshops

Multiple Measures Assessment Project
Statewide Report on Access, Enrollment, and Success: F, 9/27/19, 12 – 1 pm
And more!
Reclaiming Our Narrative:
 Conscious Collaboration and Innovation through Leadership
(Note: Peralta students and employees are free)
Th, 10/17/19 – F, 10/18/19
Chabot College
11/13 – 11/15, $10,000 for a team of 10
Staff Development Office Hours
Thursdays, 12:15 pm
This Week: Leading Effective Meetings
Bring your questions and suggestions!


Phone +1 646 876 9923
Meeting ID: 210 466 2570
  • Flex Day Schedule for Fall 2019 – Spring 2020 Academic Year ([http://Fall 2019 – Spring 2020 Academic Year]PDF):
    • Tuesday, October 22, 2019 — College Flex
    • Spring 2020
    • Thursday, January 16, 2020 — District Flex
    • Friday, January 17, 2010 — College Flex
    • Thursday, March 19, 2020 — College Flex
What I’ve been reading and watching…
  • In Yuba City, training for the Next Generation Science Standards are being led by teachers and not outside consultants. Here’s a video about how they’ve made it happen with support from Stanford’s Instructional Leadership Corps and even made it through a strike in 2016.

  • In the article “Measuring Actual Learning…” article, the authors explain that college students feel like they learn more in classes using traditional lecture versus active learning. The data shows the opposite. One recommendation from the article is to explain early in a course why active engagement increases learning compared to listening to a brilliant lecture.
  • I’m attending trainings at the East Bay Meditation Center, and these “Agreements for Multicultural Interactions” seem like great ground rules for establishing trust and inclusivity.
  • “Was Email a Mistake?”  “There’s nothing intrinsically bad about e-mail as a tool. In situations where asynchronous communication is clearly preferable—broadcasting an announcement, say, or delivering a document—e-mails are superior to messengered printouts. The difficulties start when we try to undertake collaborative projects—planning events, developing strategies—asynchronously.”

If you’re reading anything that you want to share, please send a link!

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