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SDO Office Hour: Maker Spaces and Mentalities (Th, 4/11/19)

18 April 2019

The Bay Area has had a number of Maker Faires that merge DIY initiative and ingenuity with artistic play and creativity. In Peralta, we have two Maker Spaces, one at COA ( and another at Laney (  To get a better sense of what these labs offer our campuses, Maria Guzman gave us a tour through Zoom to give us a quick tour of the COA FabLab: Video Tour of COA FabLab (1)  and . Video Tour of COA FabLab (2).

What I saw was amazing! Students and staff had fabricated tables, created add-ons to bicycle bags, and worked on large-scale art projects, but more importantly the space embodied an ethos of engagement and inclusivity that was clear in the energy that each of the speakers shared.

I left our discussion wondering how we might a Maker ethos (questioning, engaging, creating) into more of the work that we do. Or, in other words: how do we have a little more fun solving problems with energy, collaboration, and ingenuity.





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