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Spring 2018 Midterm Flex (March 22, 2018)

20 March 2018

Hello Peralta!

Please remember that Thursday, March 22nd colleges will be holding flex days with a range of opportunities for everyone. Please remind students that classes will be cancelled, so faculty, administration, and staff can participate in plenaries, workshops, and other professional development activities. Be on the lookout for detailed college agendas soon!

Thursday, March 22nd Flex Highlights:


  • Peralta Federation of Teachers will present the current SCOUS case, Janus v. AFSCME, and in the afternoon will assemble 400 kits for children staying in the Intensive Care Unit of Children’s Hospital. Contact Hillary  Altman, PFT’s Membership Chair at to join.

  • Faculty Obligation:  PFT Contract, Appendix A.5


Other Events, Links, and Opportunities:

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Spring 2018 Flex Day

8 March 2018

What to add? Images from heyman?

Spring 2018 PCCD Flex Day Program

Flex Day Spring 2018

PCCD_Chancellor Flex Day Talking Points_20180111_v4JC

College Flex Day Agendas

Berkeley City College January 2018 Flex Day Agenda

Laney College January 2018 Flex Day Agenda

Merritt College January 2018 Flex Day Agenda



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