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Peralta Tobacco-Less Clubs

Administrative Procedure 3570

Secondhand smoke travels everywhere

Third-hand smoke clings to walls, skin, and hair.

Light up at any Peralta school,

You’ll pay a fine, it’s the rule

$40 AND UP

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2015 Fresh Air Art Competition winners

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Peralta Radio Tobacco-less Pacific Standard Announcement speaker


Nearly all tobacco products contain an amount of mint oil, or menthol. Menthol masks the harsh taste and burning sensation of smoking as it is an anesthetic. It also inhibits the metabolism of nicotine for a longer period of time. And because Nicotine is stored in the body’s melanin Tobacco companies, since the 60s have targeted African Americans. Today over 75% of blacks who smoke use menthols.
9.2 Nicotine and Cotinine in Hair and Nails, Paragraph 2

Alternative tobacco products, or consumables aren’t under legislation. Kids are particularly vulnerable to this as the flavors are appealing to them.


E-cigarettes contain nicotine, particulate matter, propylene glycol, and potentially marijuana.


U.S. Department of Health & Human Services

Paid for by the California Health Services for Tobacco Control


Click in the image to watch the Tobacco-Less Club video series:

                        Chester                                                       Menifee

Chester                       Menifee     

             Pauline                                                                                   Camillo    

Pauline                                                        Camillo


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