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AC Transit EasyPass

Spring 2020 Peralta EasyPass valid from January 14, 2020 – August 31, 2020

The Peralta Easy Pass/AC Transit was voted down by students during the spring 2020 elections. This means that after August 30th students Easy Passes will no longer work. Students will no longer be charged this fee beginning fall term.

For additional information, please visit our EasyPass  FAQ Page


If your EasyPass is not working and you currently have at least 6+ units please contact: or call (510) 466-7371

Why do I have to Pay the AC Transit Fee

Proposition A, which was passed in the May 2009 and May 2016 student elections, requires all Peralta students carrying six or more units to pay an AC Transit EasyPass buss pass fee of $42.29, thereby making them eligible to receive an AC Transit EasyPass buss pass. With EasyPass you can ride all AC Transit bus lines, including local and Transbay service, at all times.

Please note: If you drop below six units, you can receive a refund before the last Day to Drop Regular Session Classes. See deadline dates in the Academic Calendar.

Rules for EasyPass Rider


  1. EasyPass is valid only for the person identified on the card. the pass is not transferable and will be revoked if used by someone else.
  2. A fine of up to $250 and/or community service can be imposed for misuse of this pass with intent to evade the payment of fares (California Penal Code 640).
  3. The card must be presented to AC Transit personnel for inspection if requested.
  4. A student who fails to pick up their EasyPass at the Cashier’s Office after one academic year must order a replacement card from Clipper Customer Service and pay $5 replacement fee.

What to do if you card is lost, stolen or damaged


  1. Call the Clipper Card Customer Service (877) 878-8883.
  2. Students must identify themselves as “Peralta EasyPass Participants” by providing their Student ID number.
  3. Confirm home address where the replacement card will be mailed in 10 days.
  4. Pay $5.00 processing/shipping fee using a credit card or debit card only by phone.

AC Transit Routes

Find your campus and discover your best path

Berkeley City College
2050 Center Street, Berkeley

Merritt College
12500 Campus Drive, Oakland

Laney College
900 Fallon Street, Oakland

College of Alameda
555 Ralph Appezzatto Memorial Pkwy, Alameda



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