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EasyPass FAQ


What is the AC Transit EasyPass?

AC Transit’s EasyPass program provides qualified students with an AC Transit bus pass valid at any time on all AC Transit lines, both local and transbay.  Effective Fall 2019, for only $42.29 per semester, the program offers qualified students with substantially reduced bus fare. Students can save 90 percent off the regular rate for a 31-day pass for local transit ($84.60) and 94 percent savings from the cost of a 31-day transbay pass ($198). The EasyPass is loaded on the Clipper regional fare card and displays your name and photo ID.

Why do I have to pay the AC Transit Fee?

Proposition A, which was passed in the May 2009 and May 2016 student elections, requires all Peralta students carrying six or more units to pay an AC Transit EasyPass bus pass fee of $42.29, thereby making them eligible to receive an AC Transit EasyPass bus pass. With EasyPass you can ride all AC Transit bus lines, including local and Transbay service, at all times.

Please note: This fee is non refundable unless you drop below six (6) units on or before the last day to drop full-term credit classes and receive a refund. See deadline dates in the Academic Calendar.  

Does the EasyPass even save me money?

The EasyPass provides unlimited AC Transit bus access for $42.29 per semester. Without the Peralta EasyPass program, people who want to purchase the same unlimited AC Transit bus benefits must pay $198 per month. Without the EasyPass program you will pay over $1000 per semester when the EasyPass only costs $42.29 per semester. To calculate your savings while using the EasyPass, please visit the following calculator through AC Transit.

Who is eligible for an EasyPass?

The EasyPass is valid for students who meet the 6 unit minimum requirement, pay the $42.29 AC Transit fee and have a student ID card. Currently, about 13,000 students are eligible for the program this Fall 2019 semester.

When is the 2019 EasyPass valid?

The Fall 2019 EasyPass is valid starting August 12th, and is good through January 28th, 2020.

Please remember, students only receive one Clipper Card during their first semester qualifying for the EasyPass program. Each semester, a new EasyPass will be added to the existing Clipper Card. This is an electronic and automatic process that occurs 9 business days after a student meets all EasyPass eligibility requirements. Students must wait the 9 business day reactivation period before using their new EasyPass. For this reason, students are asked to pay all fees two weeks before the beginning of classes to ensure that their EasyPass is active by the first day of class.

If I am wait listed for units, do they count toward EasyPass eligibility?

No. Units only count toward EasyPass eligibility when they have been added to your actual class schedule. Wait listed classes do not count toward eligibility and will not be charged for tuition until the units have been officially enrolled when the student is transferred from the wait list to the class roster.

What do I have to do to get my new EasyPass?

To obtain your EasyPass, you must meet the qualifications of the EasyPass program which includes 6 units or more of enrollment, paying the AC Transit fee, and taking a student ID photo. Upon completion of these steps your EasyPass will be mailed to your campus cashier’s office. To receive your EasyPass from the Cashier’s Office, please bring your Peralta student ID card to the Cashier’s Office on campus.

How do I pay my AC Transit fee?

Upon enrolling in 6 units or more, all students will be charged the AC Transit fee. After enrolling, students must pay their AC Transit fee and all other fees by the payment deadline described in the Academic Calendar. This date is always two weeks before the start of the new semester. Students who pay their AC Transit fee by this deadline will have an EasyPass available by the first day of classes. Students who fail to make the payment on time must wait 10 business days from the date of payment to receive their EasyPass. Students may pay their AC Transit fee online through their Peralta Passport account or in person at the campus Cashier’s Office.

What happens if I did not submit a photo to the Peralta Colleges by August 1, 2019?

You will not have an EasyPass ready for pick up at the start of the Fall 2019 semester. There will be 10 business day delay in getting your EasyPass. Once Peralta receives your photo, orders your EasyPass, and receives it from AC Transit, you may obtain your EasyPass at the Cashier’s Office on campus with your student ID card.

Where do I pick up my EasyPass?

You will pick up your EasyPass at the Cashier’s Office on your home campus. Your EasyPass will be ready to use right away.

What if my EasyPass is delayed in the production process?

Temporary three-day tickets are provided from AC Transit to Peralta Colleges as a way for participants to ride AC Transit in the event that a participant’s EasyPass has been delayed beyond the above production timelinesThe temporary tickets are not designed to provide a participant with fare-gap coverage for data transmission delays on Peralta’s side, nor to provide students with the ability to ride AC Transit while their passes are processed within the normal timeline turnaround period.  

To that end, please use the following guidelines when distributing three-day tickets:

  • A maximum of two (2) tickets per participant should be provided. There are very few instances where pass production issues will take longer than six days to resolve.

Why do I have to pay for an EasyPass if I do not plan to use it?

Students voted in spring 2009 and spring 2016 to institute an AC Transit EasyPass program benefiting all qualifying students. The referendum authorized a small student fee enabling Peralta students to ride any AC Transit bus at anytime. Since all qualified students share in the cost to provide this benefit, the EasyPass is provided at only 6 percent of the regular local fare. The pricing on this discounted EasyPass relies on all eligible Peralta students paying the fee.

What happens if I pay the AC Transit fee late?

Students are required to pay all tuition and enrollment fees two weeks before classes begin according to the Academic Calendar. Students who fail to pay the AC Transit fee for EasyPass services by the “Sale Stop Date” (May 25, 2019) posted in the Academic Calendar will not receive EasyPass services for that semester.

For example, a student who pays the Spring 2019 EasyPass after the Sale Stop Date on May 25, will be required to pay the AC Transit fee without receiving access to the EasyPass for the Spring 2019 semester. No refunds will be provided unless a student drops below 6 units before the refund deadline according to the academic calendar.

I don’t need my EasyPass. Can I let my relative or friend use it?

The EasyPass is valid only for the student to whom it is assigned. Your EasyPass is not transferable or refundable and will be revoked (deactivated) if used by anyone else. There are no refunds for your EasyPass fees unless you drop below 6 units before the refund deadline as defined in the Academic Calendar. Fraudulent use of your EasyPass undermines AC Transit’s financial ability to offer the pass to Peralta students and others who qualify for the discounted program. A fine of up to $250 and/or community service is the penalty for misuse of your pass with the intent to evade the payment of fares according to California state law (California Penal Code 640). Peralta Colleges may impose additional penalties or take disciplinary action.

Can I still use my EasyPass card if I no longer attend the Peralta Colleges?

Yes, the card is yours to keep but your EasyPass will be deactivated. You can keep the card as long as you wish for a convenient way to pay for all transit services that use Clipper. You will have to add cash or other fare to the card for it to be active.

                                          About using your EasyPass

When I get my EasyPass, what is the first thing I should do?

To protect card balances, register your EasyPass card right away at or contact the Clipper Customer Services Center at (877) 878-8883 to register. Next, write down your EasyPass card number on the Peralta College EasyPass User Guide that comes with your card. This number is also available on the EasyPass “welcome letter,” that arrived with your EasyPass card when it was mailed to you by AC Transit.  You will need to refer to this number if your card becomes defective, damaged, lost, or stolen. You may also want to write down your name in the exact way it is printed on the card so that if you need to make a call to the Clipper Customer Service Center, your card information can be easily verified. Read and keep the User Guide that comes with your pass. Please understand that your card will arrive active, meaning that you can start enjoying your EasyPass ridership privileges from day one.

How do I use my EasyPass?

Your EasyPass comes on a Clipper Card personalized with your name and photo. You will “tag” the EasyPass card on the card reader at the front of the bus each time you board. When you hear a single beep, your fare has been accepted. If you hear three beeps, you may have tagged your card incorrectly. Try again and be careful not to swipe your card. If you still hear three beeps, confirm with the driver that the reader is in good working order. If so, your card may be defective or deactivated. Please call Clipper customer service (877) 878-8883 to address your card issue. Always have back up fare in case your card does not work. And remember, the EasyPass is not transferable to anyone else.

How can I find which bus routes to take?

Go to and click on “Trip Planner.” Also, download the ACT Real Time app to your phone or table to know exactly what bus is coming to any AC Transit bust stop and when it will arrive.  See the bus on a map in real time at:

Does my EasyPass work on BART or other Bay Area transit?

The EasyPass is only for AC Transit service.  You will need to add cash or other fare to your EasyPass card to pay for rides with other transit agencies. Add cash or other value at a Clipper retailer or BART station. To quickly find a list of Clipper retailers, visit and click on the “Clipper Retail Vendors” graphic.

If I leave the Peralta Colleges, can I continue to use my Clipper Card?

Yes. Your Clipper Card is yours to keep. You may continue to add funds to your Clipper Card for public transit services in the Bay Area, however, the EasyPass will only work if you are enrolled in 6 units or more.

Can I punch a hole in the corner of the card for carrying on a chain?

No. The antenna that activates the EasyPass reader runs throughout the card. Please protect your card from damage.

If my card is lost damaged, or stolen, or just doesn’t work, what should I do?

Call the EasyPass Customer Service Center toll-free at (877) 878-8883, and have your card number in hand. This is the first step you should always take. EasyPass will give you instructions for what to do next.

If your card has been lost or stolen, EasyPass will deactivate your card to prevent misuse and protect any e-cash value on the card. You can ask for a replacement card and restore your EasyPass and e-cash for a balance restoration fee of $5, payable by credit card or money order directly to EasyPass.

If it’s determined that the card has been damaged, you can ask for a replacement and restore your EasyPass and any e-cash for a balance restoration fee of $5, payable by credit or debit card only through the Clipper Customer Service Center. If the card is defective, you’ll get a new card with your EasyPass and any e-cash balance restored without charge.

Clipper will notify AC Transit to create your replacement card, which will be mailed to  in 10 business days. To speed delivery, you can request to have the card mailed directly to you. Simply give Clipper your mailing address. Until you have your new card, you will need to pay the regular cash fare on the bus.

How do I get answers to questions about my EasyPass?

  • Call Clipper at (877) 878-8883 for problems with your EasyPass. Always call Clipper first to report a lost, stolen, damaged, or defective EasyPass.
  • Please refer to your Peralta College EasyPass User Guide that came with your card. Remember to write down your EasyPass number on your User Guide so you can reference it easily if you need to call Clipper Customer Service.
  • For all other questions about your EasyPass contact  Colleges:
    • o Contact EasyPass Site Coordinator  in the Office of Academic Affairs at 510-466-7371.
    • o Check out the  EasyPass site for additional details.

If you did not receive your EasyPass, contact your home campus cashier’s office.


                                                  About AC Transit

How can I get going with my AC Transit EasyPass?

  • Be on the lookout for the AC Transit table on campus during Fall Orientation and at other times during the Fall semester.
  • Go online to  and click on “Trip Planner.”
  • Find real-time bus arrival information for any AC Transit bus at
  • Find AC Transit maps and schedules at

How do I report a non-functioning card reader?

If you are inside the bus, look above the front windshield for the bus number and write it down along with the date. If you are already outside the bus, find the bus number above the windshield or the front door. Go online to to make a report.

How do I report a damaged bus stop sign or pole schedule?

Send an email to to report a damaged bust stop or bus pole sign.

How do I contact AC Transit to make a complaint, report an incident, or give a driver a commendation?




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