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Public Communication

Public Participation during regular meetings of the Board of Trustees takes place shortly after each meeting begins at 6 p.m. At this time, the Board of Trustees will listen to communication from the public on matters that are not on the agenda are within the Board’s jurisdiction. Under provisions of the Brown Act, the Board and District staff are prohibited from discussing or taking action on oral requests that are not part of the agenda, but may respond briefly.  A maximum of 15 minutes (up to 3 minutes per individual) will be provided for speakers under this agenda section, at the Board President’s discretion.

A speaker’s card must be completed to request to address the Board. Requests to speak which cannot be honored within the time limit will be scheduled for subsequent meetings in the order received.  Persons addressing items included on the agenda will be heard at the time the item is considered, and comments on tangential issues not directly related to the item may be ruled out of order. Cards must be received prior to the Board’s consideration of the item and are honored in the order the cards are received. A speaker may yield time to another speaker up to a limit of 6 additional minutes, with no more than 5 speakers on the issue, where both have completed a speaker’s card, and the yielder must identify him/herself to the Board. Speakers are asked to submit any materials to the Board Clerk and shall not approach the dais during meetings. (Please line-up when your name is called.)

Further direction is provided in Board Policy and Administrative Procedure 2345 Public Participation at Board Meetings. Please click here to view the board policy.

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